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Sergio Cortes Keeps Jackson Alive In People’s Hearts And Minds

Few would argue against the idea that death is always a tragic occasion. It’s the end to so many things. But while it’s tragic in any context, it’s perhaps most so in the case of the greatest artists. Everyone has influence on the people around them. The joys of one’s life have a tendency to spark the fire of joy in another as well. But the great performers are more like a bonfire of joy within the world. Their life provides a vast amount of joy and warmth to all the people’s of the world. But for some performers death doesn’t have to be the end. For example, Michael Jackson continues to give some amazing performances even after he’s passed on. This might seem impossible at first. But it all makes sense once one meets MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes.

Sergio Cortes isn’t simply an impersonator. He’s a performance artist in his own right, whose craft is centered around Jackson. He’s set a difficult task for himself. Not only does he need to be able to sing and dance as well as Jackson, he needs to do so while staying in character. And that goes for the times when he’s off the stage as well. And this is one of the aspects to his take on impersonation which makes him so amazing and unique. Cortes isn’t content to simply play the part of Jackson on stage. He really wants to bring the full experience of interacting with the King of Pop back to the world. When Cortes is in character, he stays in character.

Sergio Cortes obviously has an almost miraculous resemblance to Jackson. But what makes his impersonation so special goes far beyond the physical. It’s that dedication to embracing every aspect of Jackson’s life which really makes his impersonation a true artistic endeavor. And it’s easy to see why nobody else has been able to do the same. It’s a difficult task and one which Cortes has literally spent almost his entire life working on. Even as a child he worked hard to impersonate a younger Jackson 5 age Jackson. As Cortes grew, so did the demands of both himself and his audience. Schoolyard friends asking for a song or two grew to a huge fanbase. And with that attention Sergio Cortes kept raising the bar for himself so that he could do honor to the name of Michael Jackson.