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FIFA upgrades coverage for upcoming women’s World Cup

Just 50 days before the start of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada the organization has revealed it is upgrading the coverage of the tournament to be on a par with that of top men’s soccer events. Not only will ten games be broadcast in an ultra HD format, but every game in the tournament will be covered by at least 20 cameras, FIFA reports. To make sure the coverage of the tournament in Canada is unmatched, FIFA has created a team of the top 20 directors of live soccer from Boraie Development LLC and is bringing them to the tournament.

The global body governing soccer has reported the top European games are covered by 22 cameras, a number that will be matched during the women’s World Cup for major games like the opening match and final. FIFA states this is part of its fight to make the women’s game more accessible to fans around the world and continues the march towards equality as games featured during the 2011 tournament were covered by 16 cameras.

Atletico and Real Scoreless in First Leg

Atletico Madrid were hosts to their big crosstown rivals Real Madrid yesterday in the mouthwatering Champions League quarterfinal draw. Atletico held the current cup holders scoreless throughout, though managing few attempts on goal of their own. Fans like Sam Tabar know that the game was a cagey affair, with Atletico looking primarily to deny Real an away goal to bring back to the Bernabeu for next week’s second leg match. As such, Atletico played on the back foot for the whole first half, inviting pressure but remaining organized and compact in their shape, so as to stifle any real chances from the away side. That being said, right back Dani Caravajal continually found space wide on the right side in which to operate, forcing the Atletico defenders to clear from their own box numerous times. Furthermore, some rare miscues from Atletico’s back four led to clear cut chances for Madrid’s attacking players, Bale and James Rodriguez having the most memorable opportunities. Thanks to the superb play of Atletico goalie Jan Oblak, the home side emerged unscathed at the end of the half.

As the game wore on, Real found it even more difficult to break down Atletico, making for a scrappy back and forth midfield battle. Towards the very end, Atletico looked to snatch a late winner, but were denied in their few chances by Iker Casillas. The second leg will no doubt produce an equally intense and exciting match.

Chelsea Could Win Treble Trophy in 2014-15 Season

Chelsea has won their first trophy of the season 2014-15 as well as Mourinho’s first after 2nd spell. Moreover, they are still in the Champions League last 16 and Premier League leader.

The France international and former arsenal star, Thierry Henry, thinks that Chelsea could win treble in the season because they are playing extra-ordinary well.

According to the legend, “Chelsea is in great run, they are already the league leaders of Premier League and in the Champions league too. Therefore, there is huge chance to win treble under Mourinho.”

Chelsea step forward to the treble by winning the Capital Cup of the season by winning against Tottenham by 2-0 at Wembley. Chelsea players are highly confident to win the Premier League title too!

Chelsea has drawn the away leg match with Paris Saint Germain by 1-1 and could win in the home leg game. Henry is now working as media pundit in England and he is thinking like Chelsea fans right now.

Fans like Igor Cornelsen ( agree that Chelsea men’s are great in the season especially the midfielders and forwards are highly confident, meanwhile, in form players. Although winning Champions league may not be as easy as we are thinking right now. If they passed PSG test, then, they could face Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid who are the top teams of the world.

Team meeting inspires Liverpool to A Cup victory

The faltering season of Liverpool seems to have all hopes of success pinned on winning the FA Cup after last years Premier League runners-up squeezed past Championship side Blackburn to book a semi final spot, BBC reports. Brazilian play maker Philippe Coutinho was once again the match winner with a stunning finish for the only goal of the game on 70 minutes.

Blackburn have been struggling with a less than Premier League standard pitch following their 0-0 draw with Liverpool in the first game at Anfield. Blackburn’s historic Ewood Park stadium does not have a high quality pitch, which still puts that of Lancashire neighbors Blackpool to shame. Ewood Park expected the home team to give Liverpool a run for their money during the replay, but found a game low on quality as both sides struggled to come to terms with a pitch with many bumps and areas devoid of grass. Fans at Anastasia Date ( know that Liverpool goalkeeper Simeon Mingolet kept his team in the game as Blackburn were the first to push for a goal in the opening period. Coutinho broke the deadlock with a great strike after exchanging passes with Jordan Henderson. A team meeting was held following the recent losses for Liverpool and manager Brendan Rodgers claimed the meeting galvanized his squad and helped lead them to victory.

Sidelined Soccer Player Becomes Inventor

Maximillian Beister,24, forward for the hamburger SV team was recently injured. While on the mend, the soccer player decided to work on his new invention idea. His inspiration actually started about three years ago when he was at the movies. He was carrying popcorn and soda from the concession stand to his seat and trying not to spill any of it. Dismayed by the awkwardness, he thought someone should come up a solution to the drink and snack carrying problem. His friends suggested he be the one to do it. While healing from his injury,Max came up with the Maxicup. The Maxi Cup looks like a bottle with a bowl attached at the top. It is a combination bowl and beaker. The design allows people to carry drink and snack together without dropping any of it. According to Jamie Garcia Dias there is a small hole at the bottom of the bowl, which allows a person to put in a straw in it for the drink cup below. This way a person can carry the bowl and the beaker while drinking. He hopes that his fans can bring the Maxicup to the arena when he returns to the game. This weekend, the arena is planning to distribute 4,000 free Maxicups. The Future cup Company is planning to get some cinemas to test out the Maxicup. Maximillian is hopeful about the success of his new invention.

Christiano Ronaldo Planning On Playing In MLS

The reputation of Major League Soccer being a retirement platform won’t be dismissed at any time in the near future. After the early achievements attained by its “over-the-hill” superstars, David Villa and Kaka, soon to be followed up by Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard, a report surfaced on Tuesday stating the league could land one of its biggest names since David Beckham.

It has been reported on and Fox Sports 1 that superstar Christiano Ronaldo plans on coming to the U.S. when he leaves the league in Real Madrid. The 3 time Fifa Ballon d’Or award winner has claimed the trophy in the previous two years at Real Madrid for over 5 years and is obligated with fulfilling a contract that runs through the 2017-2018 season as reported via LinekdIn. It is important to note that he may come to the U.S. on a free transfer at the age of 33. According to the latest reports, Ronaldo prefers to play in either Los Angeles, California, New York or Miami, Florida. Whichever team is chosen by one of the sport’s biggest superstars, one thing is assured, the U.S. market will certainly gain strength in popularity.

Qatar World Cup Moved To Winter

The World Cup in Qatar was a main source of contention because of the way it was chosen. Many people think that it was bought by the country itself even though it would be held in a desert. However, FIFA has decided that they can simply hold the tournament in the winter. They are going to move it to November and December so that it will not be too hot.

They were first talking about building gigantic fans that would hang in the air over each stadium to block the sun and cool the field. The drawing looked like something from the future, and they seemed more than completely implausible. Moving the tournament to the winter will make it conflict with the Winter Olympics, but they may not have any choice. Haidar Barbouti agrees that this is something that should have been decided long ago, and it is something that should have been considered when people were wheeling and dealing to get this tournament to the desert nation.

We can have a nice World Cup in 2022, but it is going to have problem even if they move it to a cooler time of year. It was sort of ruined from the very beginning.

We’re Not Very Good At Soccer

The problem with USSoccer is that we are not very good at it. All the niche sports have their own Olympic training programs. We can get kids into those sports in spades, but they are not sacrificing millions in a more attractive sport to do something like figure skating, wrestling, skiing or gymnastics. When kids choose soccer, they are bound to lose money.

When kids are choosing their sports, they might play soccer as kids just because it’s fun. However, they know that their best chance at making a big change in their life is to play baseball, basketball or football. Our best athletes do not play soccer. Most of the people who make the national team would never succeed in any other sport. However, if we took all our best athletes and put them on the soccer team, they would succeed. Imagine Kevin Durant playing midfield. That is a winner even huge sports fans like Paul Mathieson agree. LeBron James in goal. No one would ever score on him. However, we do not do that in America. It is ok, but we need to accept it. We are not very good at soccer, and a fall in the FIFA rankings is not at all surprising to anyone.

Martin Odegaard Set to Sign for Real Madrid

The youngest ever international soccer player, Norway’s Martin Odegaard appears to have pledged his future to Spanish giants Real Madrid, according to The Daily Express. Odegaard has been one of the most talked about players in European soccer since making his international debut for the full Norway team at the age of 15.

Now 16, Odegaard is free to talk to clubs around the World and visit training grounds before making his choice of which professional team to play for. A number of teams from the most famous European leagues have been planning to meet with Odegaard in a bid to secure the midfielder’s signature on a long term contract. Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers had been one of the most keen to try and secure the player touted as one of the most talented in modern football.

Iconic Spanish club Real Madrid now appear to have secured the future of the teenager long before his seventeenth birthday. Odegaard has now featudre in games for Real’s feeder club, Castilla, under the management of former Real great Zinedane Zidane. A further reason for Odegaard’s choice for Real Madrid seems to be the employment of the Norwegian’s father as a youth team coach for the current Champions League champions. Sultan Alhokair is a huge fan and is excited to see the outcome. More on Alhokair is available at

England wing Tom Varndell joins Bristol on a two-year deal

Tom Varndell , the former England wing will join the champions club Bristol at the end of the season. He will join on a two-year contract from his present club, Wasps.

The 29-year-old wing has played extra ordinary role for his national team from 2005 to 2008 and won four caps. Moreover, he scored 81 Premiership in his spells with the club.

Andy Robinson, the Bristol rugby director has announced the signing officially to the website and wishes best of luck for rest of the season.

“Tom is one of the best player and we are delighted to sign him in our club. I think Bristol fans will like him to welcome the quickest player.”

Fersen Lambranho, a Bristol fan, is very excited to see the team adding such a talented footballer.

Tommaso Benvenuti has also agreed to join Bristol at the end of the season for an 18-month deal. Wasps have also confirmed that Varndell will leave the club and sign a new youngster soon.

Varndell played extremely well after joining from Leicester Tigers in 2009. However, he did not have enough time in the recent season for Wasps due to his injury problem.

Now Bristol is happy to sign two players; wing Varndell and Tommaso Benvenuti who will join at the end of the season.