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Skout on their way to building an empire

Skout, a social media app that is supported by millions of dollars from various investors, has now acquired the nightlife app Nixter. The CEO of Skout, Christian Wiklund sought out the deal to marry the offline and online interactions together. The Skout app helps bring people together, whereas the nightlife app helps people find out about all of the hottest events that goes on during the night life.

Having this new app added to their resume will be a great value to their users. Nightlife app will help make a stronger foundation and form a greater loyalty from their user of their app Skout. The amount that Wiklund pay for the app is not disclosed, but it is known that Wiklund had used a mix of cash and stock.

Nixter was founded about two years ago. It used to run the operation in Santiago, Chile, but now it operates in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The app had raises thousands of angel funding, particularly from angel investors in Chile.

Nixter co-founder Francisco Saez thought thoroughly before selling the app; they had considered other options, but ultimately decided that selling the app was the best decision for the company.They had other offers, but they did not want to start losing power, so they went with Skout. Even though Skout brought the app, Nixter would be an entirely separate app. It will, however, be heavily integrated into Skout.

The app Skout is doing really well, so it only made sense for them to branch out and add new things to their repertoire. The app is compared to a virtual currency that can be used to redeemed to unlock certain features. One of the characteristics includes that an individual can check you out. About 30% of Skout uses are in the US and the rest of the users are abroad.

Skout is slowly on the verge of becoming a company that is leading the way to be one of the greatest app franchise. Now there they have the nightlife app they have a whole new reach of new people and expanding their database. Their customer can use their Skout app to find a new love in their life. Once they find their new love by using the app, they can then use the Nixter app to find a hot club and go on a date. These two apps are a great compliment to each other. If you would like to get the full detail of this news, you can head over to for more information.