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The Growth and Popularity of Kabbalah and Hollywood

Kabbalah is an ancient religious and spiritual mysticism, which is founded on principles of Judaism and other religious beliefs. Both beliefs, Kabbalah and Judaism, were established and based almost the same time in history when the Jews left Egypt for Israel. Kabbalah has been studies by Jewish rabbis as well as other high spiritual individuals. However, it is prudent to note that Kabbalah is not a religion by itself rather it just aims at adding to and ameliorating the spiritual growth of individuals.

Students studying Kabbalah are taken through various practical principles, which help the students in the making better, informed and morally straight decisions in addition to finding the joy that is inherent in everyone. Recently, Kabbalah has seen new entrants from the Hollywood. Non-Jewish Hollywood celebrities are identifying and discovering the benefits of the Kabbalah teachings and principles, which has led them to be among the attendees of the Los Angeles Kabbalah Center. Such Hollywood stars include Madonna, who was among the first celebrities to embark on Kabbalistic growth and was later followed by Britney Spears, Sandra Ballard as well as Paris Hilton, among others have accepted the Kabbalah teachings and have improved their lives as a result.

Sandra Ballard posted that she is one of those who loves attending the Kabbalah Center based in Los Angeles. In addition, Sandra said that she is currently able to apply the Kabbalah principles and she has managed to outmaneuver almost 80 percent of the chaotic aspects of her life. Reducing stress together with finding joy within an individual’s life are the key goals of the Kabbalah Centers and Kabbalah principles and teachings.

The first Kabbalah Center was intuited and founded in 1922 by Rav Ashtag, and it was open to every interested person. The instructors at the ancient Kabbalah Center were the elder Kabbalists who instilled the spiritual wisdom to students. The Kabbalah Center has since then grown, and they have opened up various other branches in over 40 cities across the world. The Los Angeles Kabbalah Center is among the first Kabbalah Centers developed in the United States, and it is among the largest. The L.A. Center is always open for meditations, classes, volunteer events to aid the unfortunate as well as dinners for fellowships.

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