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FreedomPop Didn’t Sell Out

FreedomPop, a free mobile service, recently had the chance to sell out, and it was rumored that they would. Everyone thought that that would be best for the company. They thought that that was what they would decide to do.

But, instead of selling out, it is reported on TechCrunch that the company was able to earn $30 million in funding. That funding will help them to keep doing things on their own. They’ll be able to go a long way with that money.

The company ignored the bids that they had received, and they were able to earn the money that they needed to keep going, instead. They are now able to go ahead and do more all across the United States and internationally. They are growing as a company, and they are going to do good things with the money and the second chance that they have been given.

FreedomPop is a company like no other, and yet, they are doing well for themselves. They have been able to earn the money that they need to keep doing things on their own. They are able to keep at what they are doing without selling out, thanks to the generous investors.