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Olympic Valley Incorporation Plan Fails To Go Through

California’s Local Agency Formation Commission decided to call off a case by a group of pro-incorporation backers from Olympic Valley to incorporate Olympic Valley with the Northern iconic winter sports terrain. They told the group that the plan was not viable even in matters of the finances needed. The backers, however, were arguing that the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLP Mr. Andy Wirth had some hidden interests that he was protecting, and that is why he spent thousands of dollars opposing the incorporation plan; that he did not want the local residents who are the future town council to make decisions on land use. However, Wirth defended himself pointing out that the pro-incorporation backers too spent thousands of dollars to make the proposal pass.

From an article published in the Reno Gazette-Journal, Wirth encouraged the residents to see the divisive fight as a process of healing for all in the Olympic Valley. He asked the community to work for an improvement in the transport services of Olympic Valley. Olympic Valley has been having the challenge of drought in the area for over four years but this time round, the temperatures are good since winter came weeks earlier. Their businesses will now improve, and there will be more tourists in the region. Wirth saw the pro-incorporation plan as a recipe for fiscal disaster in Olympic Valley. Taxes for residents and their businesses would have gone up and any person running a business even a wine business would have had it rough.

Wirth opposed the plan to save the future of Olympic Valley and for its development. He has a good plan for the area to develop like starting investments in real estate and building of commercial plots. He is also for the plowing of snow to enhance the safety of the area for its residents. Back then, Wirth had a serious injury that was considered fatal while skydiving in Olympic Valley .the injury took too long to heal but Wirth from the experience now runs a team that raises money to help Navy Seals in their rescue missions and for their family welfare once they return home.

Wirth has experience with airlines as he worked there for a long time. Also, he is holding a senior position with the airport authorities. Back then his duty was to manage airlines and connect them to tourist resorts in North America. His experience will be of good use to all resorts in Olympic Valley since he will help create airlines connecting the resorts to the airport in addition to developing the road system. The area will be easy to reach for many tourists. Wirth is also constructing a base to base gondola connecting Alpine Meadows with Squaw Valley. The two cultures merging will also be a form of tourist attraction in the area. His development plans prove that he had no hidden interest opposing the pro-incorporation plan.

Olympic Valley Incorporation Fall Out

Benjamin Spillmann, a writer for the Reno-Gazette Journal reported, the weather had been an issue for Lake Tahoe, leading to the possibility of the incorporation of Olympic Valley. However, this year, the weather changed drastically, allowing Lake Tahoe businesses like Squaw Alpine Ski Holdings to flourish. Business owners cringed at the thought of incorporating the area. Nevertheless, the plan fell through, leaving Olympic Valley free from trouble.

Andy Wirth, the owner of Squaw Alpine Ski Holdings is known for his dedication to the Olympic Valley area. He has worked hard to build the Lake Tahoe area and to provide tourists with top of the line attractions. One such improvement happened in 2011 when KSL Capitol Partners bought Squaw Alpine Ski Holdings’ long running competition, Alpine Meadows. Alpine Meadows is a more laid back lodge that gives those there, a taste of home. This merger has already brought new heights to the area. Now skiers can enjoy the ski paths of both Alpine Meadows and Squaw Alpine through a connecting gondola once approval has been given. This will allow skiers the freedom of not having to choose between the two resorts.(

Nonetheless, Andy Wirth’s reach does not stop there. He is the chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board.( With the ability to provide international flight plans, skiers and tourist now have a powerhouse on their side. This is not the only group of people that Andy is concerned with. After an injury sustained during a skydiving accident, Andy helped form the Ironman team called Wounded Warrior Support.( Andy works through Crowdrise in order to raise money for the Special Warfare Warriors for The Navy Seals Foundation. With men like Any Wirth on Olympic Valley’s side, those that plan to incorporate Lake Tahoe are sure to continue failing.


Lake Tahoe Community Closer to New Vision

President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Andy Wirth has had a well deserved victory in one of his many efforts to keep the northern Lake Tahoe communities not just thriving, but flourishing. His company which owns both Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts, located in the famous Olympic Valley, has put much time and effort into supporting clean environment plans, increased municipal services and more recently, stopping an effort to incorporate the area. According to an article published in the Reno-Gazette Journal, backers of the incorporation have formally withdrew their petition. Mr. Wirth feels moving the communities into incorporation would have resulted in fiscal disaster.

Presently, the Lake Tahoe area is doing well with a little help from Mother Nature. With early snow storms and cold temperatures, businesses were able to start the season ahead of schedule. That factor in itself is major because the area had faced droughts in past years which put a substantial drain on local tourism dollars. And thanks to the efforts of Mr. Wirth in fighting the incorporation, the area may well have escaped another millstone. California official saw the plan as not being feasible and put a halt to its implementation. Possible negative side effects would have included higher taxes for residents and businesses, along with decreased services. It would also have taken the Olympic Valley area out of the pooled resources of other north shore communities. With the plan being abandoned, Mr. Wirth hopes the area can move on to focus on the issues like transportation and improved snow removal services. It’s time for the Lake Tahoe community to heal and reach a consensus on what concerns are preventing the community from moving into a new vision for the future.

Andy has been in his leadership role at Squaw Valley since 2010. He has since also been appointed as chair of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. In this leadership role of nine other members, Mr. Wirth hopes to enhance travel to and from the region, by pulling on his extensive experience working with various airlines to increase the number of flight into ski resort areas including Utah, Colorado and Canada. When not involved in the running of daily operations at the resorts, Mr. Wirth spends time supporting the Navy Seals Foundation which has been established to help families of fallen warriors. This year he has set up a fundraising site to raise awareness and funding for this much needed organization. Giving his tireless efforts to support the community he loves and being involved in helping those that find themselves in tragic circumstances are just some of the ideals that keep Andy Wirth moving his beloved community to a new vision.

Bruce Levenson Plans To Sell The Hawks For Just Under $1 Billion

Leading executive, Bruce Levenson, was on a mission to sell his
Atlanta Hawks majority shareholding for $1 billion during the final
months of 2014. However, recently, he and his strategic business
partners announced their decision to accept Antony Ressler’s offer of
approximately $850 million. Remarkably, both Levenson and Ressler
agreed that the final bid accurately represents the current status and
future of the National Basketball Association team. Most importantly,
this extremely fair negotiation price is viewed favorably in the
sports industry and is the direct result of the prominent
businessmen’s former professional experiences.

Levenson’s decision to sell the Atlanta Hawks intrigued renowned
businessmen from across the United States. Although many interested
ownership groups expressed concerns about the team’s present sports
facilities like Philips Arena as well as the antiquated practice and
weight rooms, Levenson and his business partners still expected to
generate a profit on the sell.

After many months of continuous bidding, the team was sold to Antony
Ressler who is the co-founder of two private equity firms known as
Apollo Global and Ares Management. Ares Management is headquartered in
Los Angeles California and currently maintains over 700 employees and
estimated $74 billion in offices around the world. This prominent firm
is commended for leading the investment sector with unique credit
strategies in direct lending and real estate transactions. Today, Ares
continues to thrive which is primarily the result of Ressler’s strong
leadership skills and techniques.

Notably, this renowned businessman has a net worth of around $1.4
billion and is ranked number 418 in the United States on Forbes’
richest businessmen list. Moreover, Ressler is also extremely
knowledge about sports management as he was a minority shareowner of
the Milwaukee Brewers in 2005. Remarkably, he reportedly watches
ESPN’s top 10 plays of the day before bedtime and enjoys attending
basketball games after work. His MBA from Columbia University’s
Graduate School of Business in addition to his former leadership and sport experiences will both contribute to his success as a Hawk’s owner.

In addition to controlling the Hawks, Levenson is recognized for
his contribution to United Communications Group (UCG) which is a
prominent company that guides customers in their acquisition of
long-term profits. He has also served in many leadership positions at
TechTarget, the Washington Star and Observer Publishing, and the
Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Most prominently, he
holds degrees from both Washington University in St. Louis and
American University in Washington DC. During his free time, Levenson
enjoys volunteers at many charity organizations such as, “I Have A
Dream Foundation,” “Hoops Foundation,” “SEED Foundation,” “The
Community Foundation,” “Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit
Leadership,” and The United States Holocaust Museum.
After his resignation, Levenson hopes Ressler will glean knowledge
from his noteworthy Hawk’s ownership. Notably, under his guidance, the
team maintained the best record in the NBA’s eastern conference during
the 2014-2015 season and has competed in seven consecutive playoff
championships. Levenson and Ressler anticipate similar success in
the future.

Hazard Wins PFA Player of the Year

Eden Hazard claimed the title of PFA Player of the Year last night, having been voted so by his player peers in the English Premier League. Hazard has had a truly memorable season, at times being solely responsible for the attacking production of his Chelsea team. He has been a nightmare to defend against, not just for fullbacks and centerbacks, but all over the pitch, making him the most fouled player in the league by a long margin. Fans like Mark Ahn know that his form has helped Chelsea advance each day closer to the league title that they have so desperately craved since the beginning of the season, especially after missing out last season. Though Hazard’s stats do not necessarily flatter him (he has managed 13 goals and 8 assists in the league thus far), one ought not doubt the quality of his performances, nor his essential contributions to his team.

That being said, Hazard stated last night that he wishes to become the world’s best. To do so, he would need to effectively measure up with Messi and Ronaldo, a feat that seems far off at the present. Though stats do not show everything about a player, Messi and Ronaldo have managed 36 and 39 goals respectively in the league campaign alone, leaving Hazard’s 13 looking quite meager. To reach said heights, Hazard will need to produce more tangibles, and then who knows how high he can reach.