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Tennis Pro Marcelo Melo Signs A Deal With BMG Bank’s Ricardo Guimarães


Brazil is known for its white sand beaches, party-like atmosphere, the smallest bikinis in the world and football. But it’s not just Brazilian football that makes the people of Brazil go crazy. Tennis is another sport that Brazilians love. Tennis pros in Brazil are not that well-known outside of the country, but this year a Brazilian tennis great may change that. Marcelo Melo has been winning on the tennis circuit this year and some tennis experts believe Melo could become number one. There is one bank in Brazil that thinks Melo is already number one. BMG Bank, the Guimarães family-owned bank in Minas Gerais just signed an agreement with Melo. The President of BMG Bank, Ricardo Guimarães, wants to help Melo become the best player in the world and Guimarães is putting up enough money to make that reality.

Guimarães is a sports lover. BMG Bank sponsors football players and teams as well as volleyball and basketball events. Mr. Guimarães knows Brazilians connect with sports, and he wants to develop a strong connection between Brazilian sports and BMG Bank. Guimarães uses sports as a marketing tool to promote his payroll loan product.

Melo has been winning matches around the world this year, and tennis experts think he has a good chance to win one or two of the big matches in the United States and the United Kingdom. Guimarães thinks Melo could put Brazil on the tennis map, and if he does the BMG Logo will be prominently displayed on his shirtsleeve. The deal between Melo and Guimarães is a basic sponsor-player deal where Melo will endorse BMG Bank, and BMG Bank will help Melo become a visible and viable force on the men’s tennis circuit.

BMG Bank and Melo will both get a lot of media coverage and according to Guimarães that is a win-win for both of them. BMG Bank is one of the top banks in the consignment credit industry and this new relationship with Melo will help the bank attract clients they never had before. There are more than 40 million middle-class people in Brazil, and at least 25 percent of them are tennis lovers.

Guimarães told that he plans to wear a Melo tennis shirt in the bank, and all of his bank employees will do the same. BMG Bank employees already wear football jerseys on certain days in the bank, so the tennis shirts will be a welcome change, according to Guimarães.