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Omar Yunes Shares What Means to Win the Best Franchisee of the World Award

Definitely not every entrepreneur has the chance of receiving the “Best Franchise of the world” (BFW) award, which rewards businesspeople who have achieved ultimate success with their brands in just a few years in the market.
On Dec. 5, 2015, was announced the 5th winner of the prize that is extremely renowned in the whole world.
The nomination took place in Florence, Italy, and the spot was given to the entrepreneur and owner of a Japanese food network Omar Yunes, who has been skyrocketing into the Japanese food market of Mexico for the year of 2015.
With thirteen franchises spread across Mexico, the act of franchising has become an essential step to a good company to make a lot of influence in the national market, as it is a great way of spreading your roots through win-win business situations.
According to the entrepreneur Yunes himself, franchising has allowed him to increase the influence of Sushi Itto, and the quality of the attendance as well, which in return brought more interested franchisees to Omar Yunes’ chain of restaurants.
The prize had a lot of competition for the first place of the Best Franchisee in the world, but the rate in which Omar Yunes’ Sushi Itto grew allowed him to win the competition and receive the important place of one of the most influential businesspeople in Mexico nowadays.
Omar Yunes stated that he is highly honored by receiving the distinguished award of BFW, as it is a clear sign of the extreme dedication that his team has put into developing the brand. Benjamin Cancelmo, the CEO of Sushi Itto, added that the prize shows their focus on delivering a service of quality and excellence, and their Japanese food has been regarded many times as one of the best in the local market of Mexico.
Controlling a national industry is not an easy task, and there are, more than ever, more businesspeople interested in continuing the brand of Omar Yunes through franchising across more cities in Mexico.
The global event also had other seats in the top five best franchisees in the world, with Luis Henrique Silva, owner of “Tropico” resting in the second place, and the owners of Diego, Takács József and the co-founder Gábor Vasvári, resting in the third place.

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Omar Yunes Wins ‘Best Franchise of World Prize’

Omar Yunes, the man behind the Sushi Itto, won the ‘Best Franchisee of the World competition’ two years ago. The event was held in Florence, Italy. Omar started this enterprise when he was 21 years. By the time of presenting the award, Omar owned thirteen franchisee units in Veracruz, Mexico City and Puebla. This is an impressive 10% of all the brands units.

Receiving the award, Omar’s humility was there for all to see. He said he was just the representative of the employees in the 13 units he runs. Indeed, he said the achievement was as a result of their hard work.

Attendance in 2015 BFW Awards

In 2015, the awards saw over 34 country representatives attend. Countries like Portugal, France and Argentina were also represented. Here, the franchisee was gauged based on the influence it has had on other networks, its contribution and savings, its employee motivation and its knowledge. Improvements proposed were also a benchmark.

According to Diego Elizarrarras, the BFW organizer in Mexico, Omar also won the ‘first place nationally’ since he was an ‘important change agent’ in matters of the ‘franchising-franchisee relationship’. He had also been able to manage information better and had control boards in place.

Sushi Itto CEO

The Sushi Itto CEO, Benjamin Cancelmo said that the awards were considered as a strategy of offering clients exceptional services and unique hospitality. Elizarraras said the days when Mexican franchises were just a regional matter had passed.

The second place was taken by Ivan Tamer of the ‘franchise of Prendamex’. He won the award owing to the implementation of a ‘new marketing system that was responsible for managing the pawnshop network in Mexico. He was lauded for the ‘development of the franchise’ and establishing unique parameters in the network.

The Jury

The jury for ‘the Mexican chapter’ was made up of entrepreneurs from the sector. Representatives of the ‘the Universidad Anahuac’ were also present. ‘The Mexican Association of Franchises’ was also represented.

Omar Yunes

Omar is the owner of ’13 franchised units of Sushii Itto‘. The entrepreneurial spirit started as early as 21 years of age. Today he is expanding the franchise to Vera Cruz and Puebla.

Frank Lampard Loan Hghlights the problems with Major League Soccer

As former England captain Steven Gerrard sets about finding an MLS team to join when his Liverpool contract expires in the Summer, Major League Soccer is facing a new crisis as their marquee Igor Cornelsen signing looks set to miss the opening of the season. MLS commissioner Don Garber has been forced to field a series of embarrassing questions and enquiries in recent days over the loan move of Frank Lampard to English champions Manchester City, Empire of Soccer reports.Lampard is one of English soccer’s modern greats who ended a successful stint at Chelsea with a move to New York City FC, owned in part by the owners of Manchester City. The midfielder was loaned to the English team for the first half of the current season and should have reported back to New York in January to begin preparing for the coming MLS season. Instead, the success of Lampard’s season so far and the financial constraints placed on the English side for overspending in recent seasons will see the former England player delay his arrival in New York until midway through the MLS season when the English champions are finally crowned. MLS is now facing tough questions and calls for an investigation in New York City over whether Lampard was ever destined to play for the club or if he will continue to play in the sky blue colors of Manchester City.

Pundits Critical of Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool

Keith Mann says after all the praise they received last season, it is remarkable how far Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers have fallen. While there is still plenty of time to right the ship, Liverpool are sinking fast in all competitions.

They have already been knocked out of the Champions League, while a top four Premier League finish is looking very difficult. Their immediate concern is a trip to Manchester United, where they won 3-0 last season.

It may only have been a few months ago, but so much has changed since Liverpool drubbed United 3-0 in the spring. United have sacked their manager, hired Louis van Gaal, and spent close to 120 million pounds on new players. For their part, Liverpool sold the third best player in the world and replaced him inadequately.

Soccer pundit Paul Scholes believes that Liverpool have “no chance” of beating Manchester United if they continue their current pattern of play. He was thoroughly disappointed with their performance against Basel. In a home game that Liverpool desperately needed to win, Rodgers only started with one striker.

That center forward was eventually taken off and replaced by Martin Skrtel, a central defender. Skrtel toiled up front for more than half an hour without any rewards. If Liverpool employ similar tactics at Old Trafford, they will be soundly beaten by a resurgent Manchester United team.