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Talk Fusion Launches Free 30-Day Trial So Many Can Experience the Advantages of This Spectacular Video Communication

Talk Fusion, one of the world’s leading video communication companies, had some long awaited news to announce last year, and that was the release of the Free 30-day Trial of their premium All-in-One Solutions package. The tech team at Talk Fusion has been diligently working for over a year to prepare this one-of-a-kind trial.


Founder and CEO Bob Reina explains in the news release from PRNewswire that his goal is to allow everyone to experience the incomparable products of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion has been an international video communications company since Reina founded it in 2007, and today is in 140 countries. The Free 30-day Trial will allow the internet public a chance to try Talk Fusion products because he knows they will love them once they try them.


Statistics show that by the end of 2017, 85 percent of internet users will communicate using videos. This is great news for the emerging video communications industry, and it shows the changing field of internet communications.


Reina understands the needs of the users of today because he started Talk Fusion out of desperation when he had no venue in 2004 to send a 10-second video to his mother. His desire is for everyone to experience using Talk Fusion’s spectacular videos.


But, Reina has gone above and beyond to allow the public an excellent free trial. No credit card is needed to download the free trial. The user is able to gain access with only a working email address, and they can try the superior All-in-One Solutions package for 30 days. This is unheard of in retail, and Reina is proud to have developed a way to accomplish it.


Very simply, the user downloads full access to Video Chat, Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-up Forms, and an analytical program for businesses, and it is available for small business owners as well as individuals. Bob Reina lives and works by the saying, “with great success comes greater responsibility,” and this Free 30-day Trial expresses this saying on a grand scale of Bob Reina’s desire to help people reach their goals.