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To Wine or Not To Wine in Napa Valley

When people think of Napa Vallety, California, they think of wine. There are actually things that you can do in Napa Valley that have nothing with wine. The following things are in Napa, but have nothing to do with wine:

-you can walk down Napa Art Walk and see 3-D art and sculptures done by local artists. Purchase one of these sculptures and keep the Walk going

-you can learn what Napa Valley was like before it was famous by going to the Napa Valley Historical Society. You can sign up for lectures and tours by local historians.

-if you are tired of grapes, you can try the world-quality olives that thrive in at the Round Pond Estate. You can try their selection of craft oils that have a lot of spices, herbs, flowers or fruit

-if you want to know what to cook with the wine, you can go to the Silvarado Cooking School. The well-known Chef Malcolm de Sieves shows you how to cook with advanced techniques

-you can relax with a massage and mud bath at the Auberge Spa at te Calistoga Ranch resort.

-you can climb up the famous Mount St. Helena at the Robert Louis Stevenson Park. From the mountain, you can see beautiful mountains, rolling hills and a fine blue sky.

If you do decide to experience wine in Napa Valley, you could hire Traveling Vineyard to have a special Wine Event.

At this Wine Event, Traveling Vineyard will send Wine Guides that will bring with them wine education materials that have notes on types of wine and food that can pair with the wine, to sample accessories, tasting glasses and ten bottles of wine to taste for the first time.

The Traveling Vineyard has been doing events like this since 2001.

What you should know is that this company is part of the Direct Selling Association. This association makes sure that member follow ethical standards and policies that protect the company people and consumers of services from member companies. It is also a member of the Better Business Bureau so you can be assured that you will get highly ethical service from this company. For more info about us: click here.

Whether you enjoy the wine or not, you should have a good time in Napa Valley.

Tips to combine food with the best wine brands from Travelling Vineyard

Travelling Vineyard has profoundly contributed to the change of stay at home moms through the excellent job opportunities that they offer to them. Due to the vast number of such moms seeking employment opportunities to cater for their various needs, the traveling vineyard has not only provided them with training to carry out the activities but also give them a chance to spend a good time with their friends while at work. The Travelling Vineyard job opportunities are suitable for all individuals who consider working from the office to be hectic and tiring. Besides anyone that feels undermined as well as discriminated while at work should look out for the jobs as they are convenient and fan as one gets to interact with a vast number of people as well as friends all day long.

Due to the long time that commuting to the office on a daily basis takes, individual that believes that their work output would be much better without them having to commute should consider participating in the Travelling Vineyard activities. The Ipswitch based firm gives people an opportunity to serve as wine guides as long as they follow the required necessary procedures by the company. By purchasing the success kit which is worth ninety-nine dollars, one is now ready to start their role. Besides, it is also advisable to buy at least two tasting sets as they ensure that you have an extra one in case of an emergency. The kit usually entails most of the equipment that you will need to start up your career, including a set of wine glasses, stunning bags to carry them, brochures, among many other things.

The firm offers commissions to its workers as long as they make double sales in each wine tasting session. Besides, an individual, together with their friend is guaranteed a one hundred dollar bonus as long as the friends they recruited in the firm makeup to seven hundred and fifty dollar sales. On making monthly sales, one also receives fifteen to thirty-five commission as well as twenty percent off the traveling vineyard products. To increase your sales, you must ensure that you meet new people frequently to market products.

The traveling vineyard firm not only enables the marketing of wines but also educates people on the various types of wines as well as the best foods to combine them. The company has put technology at the forefront and sommology program; they equip people with knowledge on the basis for conducting wine tastings with their exclusive wine boutiques. It is always fun to work with the firm as there is usually no boredom. As a wine guide, you get to interact with a vast number of people as well as share a good time with them.

Travelling Vineyard info:

Why do Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides See their Job Most Satisfying?

Traveling Vineyard, a leading wine supplier based in Ipswich, Massachusetts, is known for offering Wine Guide job opportunities to wine lovers. Per many recent surveys, it is revealed that most of its wine guides are considering their job as most satisfying, entirely different result considering other industries. What makes the job highly satisfying and lucrative? Altogether, it is a comprehensive job experience that gives everything from fun to lucrative income without any work pressure and strict work schedule adherence.

It is an excellent choice of job for anyone from working professionals to stay-at-home moms. While most of the jobs demanding a 9-to-5 strict work schedule, wine guides get flexible times according to their choice. Interestingly, the work option is making the job highly flexible. It should be noted that the job offers work from home options to the candidates. The job does not need any technical knowledge or special marketing tips to complete it, but passion towards the job is essential in achieving the best results.

Additionally, it offers excellent growth opportunities with a carefully designed career path. People who are lovers of wine and want to socialize with people would love the job most, and the opportunity is available to anyone over 21. The wine guides are getting an opportunity to conduct wine parties and earn new customers with an extended supply of income. Every guide gets a chance to market the products on the internet as they get dedicated websites as well while joining as wine guides.

The opportunity offered by Traveling Vineyard is not putting any financial risk on the wine guides. Further, it gives new income opportunities through team building and monthly wine club. Both the programs are aimed to add the participation of people to increase the business opportunities for wine guides. It means that the guides can bring their friends to the events and increase the potential opportunities and collaborate with other wine guides to form teams to make collective efforts for better returns.

Traveling Vineyard started its operations in 2001, and the firm focuses on direct sales to the customers. It collaborates with interested wine consultants or guides and expands its market base through diverse product base. The firm is a premium supplier of high-quality wine across the U.S. through its guides. The product base of Traveling Vineyard includes wine from France, Spain, Australia, Italy, U.K., and other major wine producing countries around the world. For more info about us: click here.

The firm follows an excellent relationship with both customers and wine guides. It is very active on all the social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and more. Its social media accounts feature its products, helpful tips for wine lovers, health benefits of wine, various news reports relating to it, industry trends, and more.

Why UKV PLC Is Considered To Be A Great Winemaker

UKV PLC is not your ordinary winemaking company. They are a company that truly exemplifies excellence in wine manufacturing and all of its remaining processes. Please have assurance of knowing that one of the best things that you can do prior to investing in a wine company’s products is having assurance of knowing whether or not they are manufacturing the wine products under the proper protocols of quality winemaking.

Unfortunately, many companies are not necessarily taking the time that is required of them to ensure that they are making the best qualities of wine for the end-user. By speaking with a representative of a wine manufacturer, you may be able to get an idea of what their values are.


UKV PLC prides themselves on producing and providing high qualities of wine for their customers. They have received plenty of positive reviews pertaining to their products like French wines and is recommended for everyone. Whether you’re aware of it or not, winemaking is not necessarily too complex of a process; however, it is the following of the proper procedures of quality winemaking that separates good companies from ones that are not necessarily considered to be too good. Be sure to make the right choice of investing in a quality winemaking company today. You will certainly thank yourself for it after tasting your product.

View UKV PLC list of wines of Pinterest.