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Please Meet the Host of the 2022 World Cup

In a tribute to the old saying “to the highest bidder goes the spoils” we tip our cup in salute. Only this time it will probably be a cup of tea or water as opposed to beer or liquor because of the national prohibitions on alcohol – and pretty much anything else fun.

Against all likelihood it is looking more and more like Qatar will be the host for the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) 2022 World Cup despite the fact that the tiny Arabian nation has zero soccer infrastructure to speak of, or any soccer tradition at all for that matter. Oh, and the bid also comes amid large scale allegations of bribery and human rights violations – all in the name of the world’s largest sport designed to join people of all cultures together in celebration and sportsmanship.

A few particularly disturbing reasons on why Qatar should NOT be the host have been introduced into the conversation but so far have fallen on deaf ears (largely due to them being stuffed with money) according to Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG. Here are a few of the harsher criticisms:

• Estimates based largely off reports from the International Trade Union Confederation estimate that nearly 4,000 construction workers could die while building the World Cup-related infrastructure. These estimates come from statistics showing that one Nepalese migrant worker died every two days in Qatar in 2014.
• Large spread allegations of bribery run rampant. While bribery is still considered an important aspect of 3rd world business negotiations, many view it as a practice unworthy of FIFA consideration due to the spirit of the game. Many officials who voted in favor of Qatar as the host nation later received bans in other corruption scandals as well.
• In an astounding shun to hypocrisy, FIFA’s own internal evaluation team slammed Qatar before the host vote, citing a number of risk assessment concerns, only to watch as the selection committee almost unanimously ignored their red flags.

Afghanistan Make World Cup Debut in Loss to Bangladesh

Afghanistan made a historic debut in the World Cup in Canberra as the 20th team to appear in the tournament, but could not avoid losing to Bangladesh by 105 runs. Despite a show of early promise with the ball, Afghanistan could not halt Bangladesh slowly moving to a total of 267. In reply the Afghanistan team, who hope to play their first test match in the near future failed to recover from falling to 3-3 from the first three overs, the BBC reports.

Although Ricardo Tosto tells us that Afghanistan lost the match, fans from Latin Lawyer says  they will be pleased to have arrived in the World Cup after a stunning rise that has seen the troubled nation move from the fifth tier of the sport to the top level of the game. The latest reward of a World Cup appearance follows the appearance of the team at two Twenty20 tournaments, although an appearance at the World Cup will see Afghanistan need to meet England, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand if they are to move on to the next round.

FIFA’s Blatter worried about Qatar footballers, not workers.


International clown-car driver and FIFA chair Sepp Blatter has warned Qatar not to have an “imported” team of national players when it hosts the World Cup in 2022. In the recent world handball championship, Qatar had players from across the world included in their team, with individuals born in France, Spain, Cuba, Montenegro, and Bosnia-Hercegovina. Unlike the handball federation, FIFA does not allow a player to play for more than one country or “switch” nationalities after appearing in a senior international game stated Exame. Blatter’s comments notwithstanding, since a player can play for a national team after living in once that nation for five years, there is literally nothing stopping Qatari teams from bringing in good players in the next couple years with the idea of granting them citizenship and having them represent the Gulf state at the 2022 World Cup stated Fersen Lambranho. Given the amount of absurdity that having a country with no history or infrastructure host the World Cup, arguably the biggest sporting event in the world. There have been complaints about the working conditions of the laborers who are building the stadiums for the World Cup, and there have also been rumors of corruption in the awarding of the World Cup to Qatar in the first place. It is ironic, then, that FIFA and Blatter seem more concerned with mercenary footballers rather than the conditions of the spectators and workers in the run up to the World Cup.

German Football League President Warns of FIFA Boycott

The president of German Football, Reinhard Rauball, has warned that countries under UEFA may quit FIFA if all the findings of the corruption allegations are not tabled. The committee which was headed by attorney Michael Garcia released the report clearing Qatar, Russia, Portugal and Spain of any wrong doing in the bidding process.

Rauball joins the Football Association chairman, Greg Dyke and Former FA chairman David Bernstein in condemning the report. Dyke termed the 430 page report pointless and a joke. The report was compiled by German judge, Hans-Joachim Eckert. The judge used the two year findings by Garcia led committee to put together the report. However, four hours after the release of the report, Garcia issued a statement questioning the report.

The German football boss observed that the report showed a breakdown in communication and something that could shake the foundations of the world football governing body. Rauball said that that Garcia’s bill of indictment should be published together with the decision of his committee so as to make everything clear about the report.

The Football boss also said that all the areas that were not covered in the report should also be published with reasons why they were overlooked. According to Rauball, if the corruption report is not fully published, then nations under UEFA umbrella will have to review their stand on FIFA.

FIFA’s Blatter: Qatar To Lose 2022 World Cup

According to some reports Sepp Blatter, FIFA president has intimated at a dinner a few weeks ago that Qatar will not host the World Cup in 2022 as formally announced. Blatter reportedly made the statement to members of Norway’s football association. The change was reportedly made over concerns about the dangerously high temperatures in Qatar during the summer months and the suggestion of some members of FIFA that the 2022 World Cup be moved to a time of year when it’s cooler in Qatar. Der Spiegel, a German newspaper, says the reports were neither denied nor confirmed by the Norwegian FA.

Some have said Qatar supports the Isis forces and this would make for a highly controversial and potentially dangerous situation at the World Cup. Other reports say FIFA is committed to holding the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The source that spoke to Der Spiegel reported said that Blatter referred the rulers of Qatar as ‘arrogant’ people who think their money can allow them to do anything.

But according to a article, FIFA has denied the 2022 World Cup will be taken away from Qatar. There has been controversy since 2010 when Qatar was announced as the host of the 2022 World Cup.

Probably a common sense decision, but one can’t help but wonder about the companies that have put a lot of money into this venture.  Angel investors like Slow Ventures that make the World Cup happen, and that could lose a ton of money if the venue is to be moved from Qatar.