Chris Burch, A Real Estate Investment Guru

Chris Burch, A Real Estate Investment Guru

Chris Burch is an investor, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. He attended Ithaca College where he graduated with a degree in finance. Burch has started and sold several companies including Eagle’s Eye Apparel and C. Wonder, a home décor retailer. Burch was one of the earliest investors of the Internet Capital Group. It had a successful IPO. He has invested in real estate properties around the world in places such as Nantucket, New York, and Florida. He also developed Nihiwatu. This is a luxury hotel that is located in Sumba. Sumba is an island in Indonesia. The resort was named the best restaurant in the world in 2016.


Burch wrote an article that appeared on Engadget about the relationship between technology and fashion. He starts out by pointing out why certain products had been popular and why they sold more than others. Burch says that technology grows with popularity. Burch gives an example of the Walkman in the nineties and the iPod in the previous decade. It is significant to note that a product gains popularity when it is more fashionable. Annouk Wipprecht is a fashion designer from Holland. Wipprecht is one of the first designers to integrate technology into her designs. Wipprecht said that technology provided a playground to experiment infinite possibilities for designers to use. Her designs are considered unique. They include a self-painting dress and a dress that makes drinks.


Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin decided to rethink the concept of bike protection. They came up with a system that can be worn around the neck. The item contains an airbag that pops out to offer protection in case of an accident. Two other designers had collaborated to develop Frontline Gloves. The gloves are used by firefighters to communicate using gestures. It lets them find each other at the scene of a fire and send valuable information to their colleagues. Other designers who had come up with novel uses for recycled material include Emma Whiteside who used recycled copper to make a dress and SegraSegra who created jackets and t-shirts with inner tubes of bicycles.



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