ClassDojo Looks To LInk Every Parent, Student, And Teacher

No matter which school a student attends it can be difficult for parents and teachers to feel as though they are connected when students are entrusted with bringing important messages to either of these vital people in the life of a child. ClassDojo has been looking for the best ways of making sure every parent, student, and teacher are linked through a communication app that makes it easy for each and every person involved in a classroom to create the best possible learning culture and experience for their students.

Each and every classroom has its own needs and decisions to be made, including the creation of an exciting digital classroom where the progress made by every student can be tracked and monitored at home and in school; the days of lost notes and communications between teachers and [parents are now long gone with every parent receiving messages through a dedicated area of the ClassDojo app from their student’s teacher. Parents can also be kept up to date with the stories of individual students and a class as a whole with the stories aspect of the ClassDojo app.

Established in 2011 by two U.K. based technology experts, ClassDojo is now used in more than 90 percent of U.S. classrooms and has been developed for use in more than 180 nations across the planet. Although initially developed as a way of tracking progress and providing communications between teachers and parents the ClassDojo app has now been developed in such a way that it can aid students in growing and learning empathy for others.

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