Do The Stats Matter?


We need to have a discussion about the stats that are taken at the combine. The stats that we get at the combine give teams measurables on the people that they might want to draft. You might get bored if you watched the combine, but the stats are interesting. We might be impressed with someone’s speed, but that does not mean they are going to be a good football player. All we know for sure is that the player is fast.

When we have these players take the Wunderlich, they are not showing you anything impressive unless they get a very high score. Otherwise, it is just a test. Some people do not test well. However, publicizing that a poor guy got a 7 on the Wunderlich is a bit inhumane. Yes, Sultan Alhokair knows that many of these athletes are horrifically undereducated, but notes in this discussion on, that does not mean that we should be broadcasting it. We need to let the combine happen, and we need to make sure that we stay out of the way. The combine is just a day where scouts get to see everyone do some stuff. Ultimately, the combine tells you nothing because it is not held during a live game.

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