Doe Deere Brings an Extra Element of Excitement to the Cosmetic Industry

When people think of high powered executives they’ll usually come with some preconceptions. But cosmetic CEO Doe Deere would come as a surprise to many of those people. Because she’s not only a business and technology executive. She’s also someone with a breathtaking and often quite wild style. It might seem an odd match of styles at first. Someone who would look at home on stage at a rock concert in control of a successful company. But to understand where Doe Deere is, one must first look at how she arrived there.

Not all that long ago Doe Deere was studying fashion in school. But like many people interested in artistic pursuits she found herself wanting to branch out. She was also eager to try applying another of the truths which usually go along with artistic mastery. It’s well known that art from one sphere tends to help enhance performance within another. Doe Deere knew that she had a talent and a passion for fashion. But she began to wonder just what that could mean for other artistic pursuits. It’s little wonder then that she jumped when given the chance to join a rock band. It wound up being one of the most influential decisions in her life. It would be hard to imagine at the time, but joining a band was what would eventually lead her into a position at the head of a company.

The main reason comes down to makeup. Being on stage can give a visual artist an amazing opportunity to really gauge how different decisions work with the crowd. It’s easy to see how both small and large changes can impact an audience. This gave Doe Deere an unprecedented chance to really hone her skills. And for the most part she had a lot of success in that venue. However, there was one aspect of it which continually left her unsatisfied. Every makeup brand she found came out subpar in one way or another. Higher quality brands tended to be far more subdued. While at the same time the more exciting types tended to be made with a much lower level of quality assurance. She needed something that fit into the best of both worlds. Something wild but also high quality. It didn’t seem like such a thing even existed. And as such Doe Deere once again decided to make some big changes in her life.

Doe Deere simply decided that she’d need to take matters into her own hands. And she proceeded to create her own makeup. It proved so amazing that she was constantly asked just where she’d bought it. And just as often she had to tell people that there wasn’t any way to purchase it. This would eventually leed her to decide on a change in career paths. She wanted to bring her creation to the people who desired it. And this was the birth of both the Lime Crime brand of makeup and Doe Deere’s career as a cosmetic CEO.

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