Don Ressler Of Fabletics Sets A Fashion Trend Through Fabletics

On issues pertaining to women’s sportswear, it is probably the most complicated sector. Usually, there are two choices pertaining to the matter. When it is not about fashion, price factors in. in fact, the industry of women’s athletic wear has had this gap for centuries. In 2010, the industry registered high consumption with most women taking a step towards healthy living. That is how business professionals like Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg delved into producing women’s sportswear. With a predictable trend that indicated that the demand on women’s active wear would rise in future, the duo founded Fabletics. The main agenda for formation was creating stylish active wear that coupled affordability and functionality.


Company Profile


Don and Adam joined brains to work on revolutionizing women’s active wear. The duo did not focus on the current trends at the time. Instead, they settled for pleasing women’s needs when it comes to taste and preference. The following steps towards success were followed by extensive research based on the two measures. From tests to focus groups, they established the root of the problem. By finding out what the problem was, they were able to develop production as well as supply strategies. Some of the issues they needed to address were price, design and size. Most of the apparels were ill-fitting. There was also the issue of comfort where most of the apparels were not comfortable. It was almost impossible to buy apparel that fit into women’s needs.




To establish a brand that would transform the industry, Kate Hudson joined Don Ressler and Adam. The face of the new brand changed thanks to Kate’s input. The prominent actress injected new talent in design and customer support. Her brains have largely been useful in branding Fabletics. Being friendly and open minded, Kate incorporated team work to establish a platform that would later be used by clients to subscribe to the active wear. Her efforts as the spokeswoman of Fabletics paid up because she is a woman that understands women’s needs.




Like any other business, Fabletics posed a challenge to the three leaders. With Don Ressler being the senior partner, he led the team in finding viable solutions in setting up. The hiccups were long gone and a comfortable sportswear established. Ressler managed to set up Fabletics thanks to his valid entrepreneurial skills. His team initiated the project’s takeoff with experience and determination. Presently, Fabletics is an international brand that serves masses by providing comfortable as well as a series of sizes for clients.


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