Eric Pulier’s Successful Career

Eric Pulier’s success extends far beyond his career. He is a Harvard graduate, a talented writer, a serious philanthropist. expressive public speaker. With so many talents and accomplishments, it is hard to say what stands out because he has experienced success in so many areas of his life.


As a young entrepreneur, nobody would expect Eric Pulier to have achieved the level of success that he has. He has had many startups but arguably the greatest is XPrize. XPrize is a is a program that consists of multiple competitions and prized for extraordinary people who push their boundaries. Eric Pulier created XPrize with the goal of helping teens and adults realize their goals and dreams and help them become motivated to work and achieve them.


Another success story from Eric Pulier is Akana. Akana is an SOA software program that attracted the attention of other SOA vendors. Soon after he founded Akana Rogue Wave Software, but not before turning it into a success.


To prepare for his success in his career, Eric Pulier had intense training through his education and experiences. From the time he was in the fourth grade he began tinkering with computers and programming. By the time he was in high school he had already created a database computer company. He went to Harvard and began writing for the newspaper there. He became a celebrated columnist and his stories were widely praised. He graduated from Harvard and began his career.


Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur who has experienced success throughout his life. From an early age he realized his passions and from that point forward worked hard to achieve his goals. During his career, he has experienced high levels of success and continues to grow as a leader in technology. He continues to create successful businesses and work hard to expand his career.




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