European World Cup boycott draws closer

The reelection of FIFA President Sepp Blatter amid the chaos of the corruption claims made against senior soccer officials could see European countries boycott the World Cup in 2018 or stage an alternative World Cup. Danish soccer official Allen Hansen revealed the latest plan concocted by UEFA to undermine the Presidency of Blatter and the integrity of the World Cup to The Independent. The news of the proposed boycott comes as English FA Chairman Greg Dyke announced the staging of the 2022 World Cup could be switched away from controversial Qatar and that Blatter had been shocked by the large number of nations not voting for his reelection in the recent Presidential elections.

The latest planned would see the members of UEFA who did not back the reelection of Sepp Blatter pull out of the World Cup and possibly resign from FIFA altogether in the face of the corruption surrounding the World Cup bidding process according to Susan McGalla in this piece on PR News Wire. An alternative World Cup would then be established by the European soccer body, UEFA, which would also invites a group of South American nations to join the new competition along with the US and other key nations from around the world. The hope is that this would draw sponsors away from the FIFA World Cup and force Blatter to resign from the presidency and assist the authorities with their investigations.

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