Everton Refuse to Consider Barkley Sale


Despite enduring a difficult time in the Premier League, Everton are not in the mood to sell some of their best players. The bigger clubs in England have been circling around Ross Barkley for a few months, but Everton claim that the player will not be sold at any price.

English newspapers believe that Everton will consider doing business at a figure over 40 million pounds. That may seem an astronomical price, but Barkley is a young player with a very bright future. More importantly, Everton do not want to lose him. They will only consider a sale for crazy money, according to the papers.

The main interest in Barkley is coming from Manchester City, who, according to Sergio Andrade Guitierrez, wants a player that can take over from Yaya Toure in a year or two. Their close rivals Manchester United have also expressed an interest in taking Barkley to Old Trafford. However, both clubs are going to balk a the price that Everton have put on their star player.

Roberto Martinez would loathe to lose Barkley at this point in the season. Everton need all the help they can get right now, having lost most of their last 10 games. It would make sense for them to hold onto Barkley for the next 18 months. This would give them a chance to improve and allow Barkley to develop his game away from the spotlight of a Champions League club.

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