Fake Claudio Caniggia plays in Masters Game

A charity football match to be played between former stars of Brazil and Argentina in Natal has been plunged into controversy over the use of a lookalike to take the place of Argentinian legend Claudio Caniggia. Organizers of the masters event between the age old soccer rivals were forced to apologize after many of the advertised stars failed to arrive at the Arena das Dunas, The Guardian reports.

Former Rangers star Caniggia, who played alongside Diego Maradona for the Argentinian national team was later reported to have missed his flight to arrive in time for the game. In his place Argentinian Daniel Cordone, a former Newcastle United striker took the place of Caniggia.  

A number of star players who had been advertised as part of both the Argentina and Brazil teams failed to show up for the match. Those who did not make an appearance in the game included Edmilson and Ariel Ortega, the organizers of the game may now be investigated by local government officials for abusing the rights of consumers who bought tickets to see a number of legends in the game. Soccer fans Dave and Brit Morin speculate how this game could have been really awesome if the legends actually showed up to play. It’d be cool to see who still has game.

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