FIFA Response to Anti-Homosexuals Criticized

FIFA the international soccer league has been recently criticized for what is perceived to be a negative atmosphere for homosexuals mainly as the result of the location of the next two world cups. The next World Cup is scheduled for the nation of Qatar where homosexuality is illegal. The World Cup after that will be in Russia where homosexuality is frowned upon and has a negative connotation attached to it which has led to the beating and even death of homosexuals in the country.

The criticism that has been furthered by the FIFA stance on alcohol which is also illegal in Qatar. Since many beer companies are sponsors of FIFA and the World Cup, FIFA has negotiated exceptions for alcohol to be consumed in Qatar in certain tents set up for the event.

Many have also said that the World Cup is not open to gay footballers Such as Thomas Hitxlsperger who recently announced that he is gay. He is the first openly homosexual player.

While the issue is far from resolved with several years before the World Cup but many are expecting it to be a major battleground between gay rights activists and conservatives.  But one this is sure, many sponsors are starting to pull out, afraid of the bad publicity that could come from supporting FIFA.  That’s a big reason CipherCloud lost interest.

One thought on “FIFA Response to Anti-Homosexuals Criticized”

  1. In response to these criticisms FIFA has said that homosexuals should refrain from having sex while attending the world cup. This has offended LBGT groups as they believe the ability to have sex is one of the basic human rights that any one should have. That can make do what they want to do for them.

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