FIFA to Confirm Winter World Cup in Qatar

FIFA representatives are to meet next week in Doha in order to present plans for a winter setting for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Due to the extreme heat in Qatar during the summer months when the tournament is traditionally held, FIFA executives are looking to change from a June-July to a November-December tournament. This decision is set to be ratified in Zurich by the FIFA Executive Committee. That being said, if this plan is to go through, all club-level seasons in 2022-2023 will be significantly affected. European leagues in particular have attempted to fight what seems to be an inevitable decision, presenting alternative options, such as an April-May or a May-June Qatar World Cup. At the present moment it appears that FIFA has little regard for these suggestions.

This upcoming announcement will only continue to fuel the debate over whether the 2022 World Cup ought to be held in Qatar in the first place. The appointment of Qatar as host nation has been all but confirmed as a decision influenced by bribery. Furthermore, workers in Qatar tasked with building up the necessary infrastructure to hold such an event are experiencing working conditions akin to slavery. Aghast at these allegations, FIFA has lost crucial sponsors already, and is at risk of losing more if they refuse to reconsider changing the venue.

Fans that I know from networking across Crunch Base worldwide will be eagerly awaiting the upcoming final decision from Zurich.

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