Flavio Maluf Takes Eucatex To The Next Level

Flavio Maluf had no idea of what he would become when he entered the Fundacao Foundation University based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. For him, this business was entitled to become a success under his exclusive leadership. When he was still in college, he was determined to graduate with the highest honors and secure the necessary credit to join the family business. When Flavio Maluf was in college, he also worked hard to attain the appropriate credit to accede to the New York School of Business. During that time, the company was suffering losses. For this reason, his education in business was essential to develop high-end capabilities indecision-making.


Flavio Maluf graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree and secured a place in the New York University. He went to the United States for two years and graduated with the best education. When he came back home, he wanted to revolutionize the business environment in Eucatex Group. In 1987, he joined the company and started working in the trading department of the enterprise. During that time, the company had no exports to other parts of the world. He used his knowledge to develop business models and relationships to attain better business management.


Flavio Maluf worked in that department for more than five years. He later went on to work in the manufacturing department of the company. For this reason, he attained better business management capacities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For many decades, the company has made most of its products using eucalyptus as the main raw material. Flavio Maluf has made the company attain its fullest potential in Brazil and other parts of the world. In the recent years, he has dominated the world of exports in the lowest rates possible.


During that time when Eucatex Group of Companies was founded, the country had few regulations concerning the conservation of the environment. However, the company determined that it would protect the environment for the sake of the future generations. While they have protected the safety of the people, their products have been adopted in the Brazilian market in a manner that is not depicted in the industry.


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