Gambling On A New Chairman Andy Wirth

The winter season is fast approaching and all you hear is that the draught may hurt the skiing. You look to the weather reports and you book your flight. Reno-Tahoe Airport is your destination. You arrive and are welcomed by some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

You learn there is a new person that is the Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority. This pleases you because you know you will find deals that will save you money. Each time the airport tries to bring in more tourist they offer new deals on flights. Andy Wirth is one of the smartest and bravest in the field of marketing. He will do a great job in the airport as Chairman.

Andy Wirth has a history in the California area. He lives in Truckee with his wife. He works in the Tahoe area. Andy understands the importance of marketing and he understands the importance of taking risks.

One of the things Andy Wirth did to take a risk was to be part of the television show “undercover boss”. Andy did the show to learn more about the Squaw Valley Holdings and the ski resorts in the area. Andy did a good thing in taking this chance and he is happy that he learned ways that he could improve the company.

Since the merger of Alpine and Squaw, Andy has been taking on new projects and new adventures. Just recently he was skydiving and almost lost his arm. He fell on a pole that almost took his arm off.

After recovery, Andy felt like he had a second chance to prove his worth. He took on the Airport and the reputation of the ski resorts in the Tahoe area. Because the mountain has more than winter sports, Andy is happy to be making money to help cover the cost if the winter is bad.

Andy Wirth is cashing in on the Ironman competition. He is trying to help others understand that they need to make the money when it is available and the summer time helps with more tourist and visitors to the Nevada and California areas. The airport is lucky Andy is part of the team.

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