Horrors Of Brazil: Dr. Sergio Cortes Strengthen Fight Against Killer Zika Virus

With zika virus rapidly spreading, exploring medical intervention to disarm its crippling symptoms is an essential step towards finding a treatment. Brazilian surgeon Dr. Sergio Cortes remains uncomplacent with the situation as conditions in South America worsens. Obviously, he’s not one to sit around and do nothing. He’s already published a slew of blogs focused on zika virus diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and history. Where does he publish the information? Well, the prolific doctor strategically shares every bit of news and tips on his blog space, Sergio Cortes official.

A recent Sergio Cortes blog actually revealed shocking news that zika virus isn’t a new culture as history traces its first diagnosis back to the 40s. It first turned up in African countries, Tanzania, Sierra Leone and Uganda before invading Asia. Thailand and India were the unfortunate Asian countries to report zika virus cases. By 2015, disease discovery centers in Columbia, Mexico, Brazil and six other Latin American states reported zika virus cases. This was enough reason for the non-profit, WHO (World Health Organization) team to issue an alert. While this has caused a public panic, Dr. Sergio Cortes insist on general education and practical preventive steps to lessen risks. In a zika virus blog, he reported that the disease reacts similarly to that of an autoimmune bacteria microcephaly. Additionally, he argued that there’s a close relationship to Guillain-Barré syndrome as well.

While zika virus isn’t contagious, it’s imperative to follow Dr. Sergio Cortes instructions on prevention. The Aedes aegypti mosquito is the carrier of the zika virus, but transmission to humans is only viable by biting. Modern viruses chikungunya and zika have claimed several lives, so doctors are insistent on reducing risks as much as possible. Disease experts recently found that pregnant women are subject to birth defects and other unpleasant realities should they become exposed. In an R7 Noticias article, the reporter emphasized Dr. Cortes’ zika and dengue symptoms comparison to educate readers.

With both viruses and chikungunya, transmission is only viable form an Aedes Aegypti mosquito bite. Dr. Sergio Cortes believes that educating the uninfected about these viruses could reduce transmission rates. So, what should one look for? All known Aedes Aegypti mosquito-transmittable viruses, chikungunya, dengue, and zika mutate similarly when it enters the body. Common symptoms include skin redness, spots, high fever, muscle, eye and body aches. Dino online recap on zika, dengue and chikungunya gives an in-depth analysis of the symptoms.

So, Dr. Sergio Cortes has made notable discoveries as a health professional, but it’s not his only talent. In fact, he’s known for his athletic talent as a former tennis star. At the 1993 US Open Grand Slam tennis tournament, he delivered a masterful performance, defeating America’s Dutchman Jacco-Eltingh and Derrick Rostagno. Unfortunately, Boris Becker stole his shine, but overall, he was equally phenomenal especially since he broke the Lipton Championships, 31 Magnus Larsson record. At the time, Cortes represented Chile.

Sergio Cortes Wikipedia page also describes him as an incredible impersonator, having portrayed Michael Jackson for many years. Interestingly, his parents did confess during an interview that he’s always been an exquisite MJ lookalike since childhood. Having learned of his similarities with pop king early, Sergio Cortes nurtured this passion and made a career out of it. He’s captivated a massive Facebook and Twitter following in recent years. Today, Sergio Cortes performs at concerts, portraying Michael Jackson. His acts included dancing, singing, and acting.

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