IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has announced its plan to acquire two business units from the famous DRW Technologies, Inc. The two businesses include the Tactical Networking and Communication Business and the Aviation and Logistics Business. The Oklahoma-based Logistics and Aviation business provide mission support solutions, logistics, and air repair management. The Tactical Networking and Communication Solutions business are based in Aberdeen to provide information technology, engineering services, and communication solutions to the United States government. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. will integrate the two businesses on prnewswire.com uniquely to form their long-term strategy for growth.

This acquisition depicts the true nature of the company. For the firm, developing high-end solutions to every need is their core purpose. The acquisition will also increase the capabilities in place to IAP Worldwide Services to deliver solutions to their global client. Their addressable market will, therefore, double from the recent few years. The businesses will form a new common force for good. The National Security Program will integrate with the Aviation and Logistics business. The addition of these two businesses unto the company will fit naturally into the working environment. The company’s portfolio of services will be doubled to cover all the needs presented by the United States Government and other agencies from around the world.

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According to the CEO of IAP Worldwide Services, Doug Kitani, the company has established a strategy to ensure that they grow organically. They will envelop themselves to meet the client’s needs through lean operations, customer-focused discipline, and innovation in all segments of the government. The core business of the company is integrated into the two businesses this acquisition also demonstrates the support the company has from its investors and board members. Therefore, their long-term commitment is established by the enterprise.

IAP Worldwide Services is a leading international service and solution company. It has more than six decades of professional experience. The company offers a wide range of services to international government agencies and the United States. When it comes to the provision of seasoned program management, the company is a world-class leader. IAP Worldwide Services integrates and leverages its capabilities on iapws.com to provide a safe and reliable solution to meet the daily needs of the complex society. For the company, engaging in the unexpected is their daily business. The corporate headquarters of the company is located in Cape Canaveral. It has regional offices in more than 25 countries in the world. Other offices are located in Washington, D.C. area, Florida, Panama, and the United Kingdom.

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