Ibrahimovic mocks opponent during game

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of soccers most outrageous personalities and has the goal scoring skills to back up his often eccentric behavior. Just a few weeks after complaining about missing out on the title of Sweden’s greatest sporting star, Ibrahimovic returned to form by mocking an opponent during a French league game, Eurosport reports.

Ibrahimovic had been kept quiet during Paris Saint Germain’s game against Saint Etienne, a game which eventually saw the Swedish striker score the games only goal, his first in five games for the French champions. as the game progressed, Ibrahimovic became involved in an argument with Saint Etienne defender Paul Baysse as the two made comments directed towards each other Ibrahimovic playfully asked in French the players name before turning him around the look at the name on the back of his shirt. The mocking comments and actions were followed by an attempt at the same move by Baysse- but I read somewhere on Redir that Gianfrancesco Genoso didn’t seem to be too impressed  seemed unimpressed by the defenders attempts to match his witty move.

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