If You See Sergio Cortes On The Street, You Might Think That Micheal Jackson Was Reincarnated

The world of entertainment impersonators in America is usually centered around Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe. But on the global scale, America included, the most impersonated entertainer is Micheal Jackson. Many impersonators have emulated his look, performed his songs and danced like him, but no one has ever done it with the razor sharp precision like Sergio Cortes.

It is hard for impersonators to outshine Cortes because he was literally born with twin-like features that are similar to Micheal Jackson’s. From the time he was a child, people stared in amazement as a result of his resemblance to Jackson, and as he got older, people realized that he was able to sing and dance just like the King of Pop.

The online blog site R7 wrote a feature story on Cortes and revealed that he decided to become a professional Micheal Jackson impersonator when he was a teenager. Even though Micheal Jackson was his idol ever since the days of the Jackson 5, Cortes was motivated to become a professional look-alike after he was paid on a regular basis to wear Micheal Jackson clothes and to perform Jackson’s songs.

Cortes has demonstrated an ability to have great foresight as a child; because at 43-years-old he makes a great living touring the world and performing in many venues, which include concert halls and international television shows like American Idol. Cortes has accumulated a large international fan base, and he is heavily followed on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

When you compare the physical features, dance moves and singing abilities of Cortes to other MJ impersonators, there is no comparison. He has a gift for performing, and he has a beautiful spirit just like the late-and-great pop star. Speaking of which, when Micheal Jackson passed away in 2009 Cortes was deeply moved because he has been studying Jackson for many decades. Cortes stated, in the R7 article, that he uses his stage performance as way to heal from the pain that he still feels from Jackson’s untimely death.

Cortes is a gift to the entertainment industry because he projects a lot of positive and uplifting energy. When you read his tweets on Twitter, it is evident that he has a compassionate spirit for humanity. In addition, he is able to use his natural talents to deliver smiles and peace to Micheal Jackson fans worldwide, and he has a unique ability to entertain audiences who still celebrate the legacy of Micheal Jackson.

You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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