Incredible Cosmetics By Lime Crime

Lime Crime, the remarkable cosmetics company founded by Doe Deere, features vibrant and vivid makeup in an array of bold colors. The following are some of the fabulous cosmetics that can be found at Lime Crime.


Luscious Lipstick

The liquid lipsticks that are featured come in the most vibrant colors imaginable. With shades like “black velvet” and “raven” it’s easy to understand why this amazing company doesn’t just create makeup, they create an experience. The Velvetine lipsticks are available in several magnificent colors, with each drying into a satiny matte finish.


Diamond Crushers

Diamond Crushers is one of their latest lip sensations that aren’t just for lips. Diamond Crushers on cheeks, eyes, and lips are simply dazzling. It’s important to know that this amazing lip sensation isn’t a gloss but a revolutionary product that can be worn over lipstick or by itself.


Venus Palettes

Venus the Grunge is a collection of eye shadows that feature an array of exotic colors to choose from. There are a variety of vibrant colors that can be purchased in each of the palattes. There are also Venus bundles available. For an incredible price customers can purchase two palattes of beautiful eye shadow and experiment with a wide range of gorgeous colors.


An Incredible Company

All of these great cosmetics can be found at Lime Crime’s website, at various online stores, and even with various retail partners. The independent team comes up with a magnificent array of cruelty-free cosmetics for people to use. This is truly a company that helps people express their individuality.


For those individuals looking for a cosmetics company that enables them to really stand out from the crowd, Lime Crime features a fabulous array of cosmetics to experiment with. Whether it’s wearing colors on the lips like “marshmallow” or “mirage,” or creating a work of art on the eyes with Venus Palattes, Doe Deere has created makeup that’s as unique as each individual who uses it. for discounted item go here.

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