Is Too Much Harming Your Look?

More is not necessarily best, especially when dealing with your wardrobe. Although, going the minimalist route on may be harming your expression of self and having the best possible outfits everyday. So, the median line is to find a place somewhere between having so many clothes there is no where to put them, and barely having enough to fill a backpack.

Many believe that a core statement piece is the way to go. They spend hours choosing out pieces that will go with this statement piece and then find that they are identified solely by that piece. Trying to get out from under the statement on that core piece makes about them, many then find they acquire too much and have no room left for everything they have bought.

JustFab has many different accessories that can help with this dilemma. Starting with shoes and working our way around to stylish jeans that will fit every time of day and outing, JustFab is a good place to go when starting off with a new wardrobe, or topping one off.

Core pieces for a wardrobe should consist of items like white t shirts and flats, as well as some jeans and a solid jacket that will go with almost anything. These are the pieces that we can use on any day and will go great with whatever we pair them with.

This does not mean that a bold sweater of flashy jacket is never in order. Rather these have their utility and one or two of them should be included in any wardrobe in order to round it out. The key is balance, not excess.

Fashion can be a fickle mate. What is hot one season can fizzle and die the next. Having core pieces that never go out of style is the way to ensure you stay stylish and fashionable no matter what the present trends are. While minimalism may be the best idea when speaking of consumerism, sometimes in fashion a little more may sometimes be best. Get pieces that make you feel good and work well for you, and fashion will follow your trend.

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