James Rodriguez- Proving His Doubters Wrong Yet Again

For those that thought the €80 million Real Madrid spent on James Rodriquez was a waste then they may want to watch this fantastic play, that just goes to show that the young Colombian superstar is here to stay. After Real Madrid acquired him following an impressive World Cup run this past summer down in Brazil the young superstar has proved repeatedly and certainly with this play that his Ballon d’Or nomination and the money shelled out by Real Madrid was well deserved.

Needless to say it wasn’t a bad first goal of the game for James (Cristiano Renaldo beat him to scoring the first one of the game). James followed this up by scoring a second time late in the second half sealing Real Madrid’s rout of Granada 4-0. I know of one Real Madrid Fan (Brad Reifler) that could not be happier with their current run of form.

One thought on “James Rodriguez- Proving His Doubters Wrong Yet Again”

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