Jennifer Walden; Driving Plastic Surgery a Dimension Higher

Jennifer Lee Walden is a self-made plastic surgeon pursuing surgery to the best of her knowledge. More to that, Jennifer is also a media commentator and the founder of several organizations including Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC and Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC. The daughter to a dentist dad and surgical nurse mum proved that in deed, the fruit never falls far from the tree. Dr. Jennifer attended high school at Anderson high school after which she proceeded to the University of Texas for her biology degree. Being an academic, Miss Walden expressed her desire to pursue a medical course by applying at the medical branch of the University of Texas. She later graduated as the second-highest –ranked student in her discipline.

Explore Jennifer Walden’s Practice Philosophy and Specialization

Jennifer Lee is an aggressive professional thriving in a discipline regarded male-dominated. She is fellowship-trained in cosmetic surgery and therefore, board-licensed by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Mainly her specialty focuses on issues that touch on women. It drives her passion to see women improve their looks and as a result boost their self-confidence. Facial surgery and aesthetic breast are the daily activities that complete Walden’s joy. She largely performs breast lift and augmentation on a regular basis among rhinoplasty and facial procedures. She brings her hands-on experience of over eight years to inform her already high level of patient care.

Jennifer as a Real Master of Her Trade

Apart from having an impressive resume, Jennifer Lee is a passionate rarity. She dedicated several years of post-medical school training as well as the surgeon’s fellowship for her to become a doctor. The mother of twin boys conceived via in vitro fertilization weathered the storm despite the rough culture of surgery. She has also had to perform best to prove her capability year after year, something that motivates her daily pursuits. Simply put, Jennifer is leaving the life she would have wished especially because of the opportunity to put a smile on people of her gender.

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