Kenneth Griffin Contributes To Financial Markets Field While Aiming To Make Them Safer

People in the hedge fund field know who Ken Griffin is and the contributions he has made to the field. His contributions, however, stretch further than just his ability to manage funds well; including his philanthropy, he also aims to help his field grow through better rules and regulations to keep the market safe and fair.

Ken Griffin on citadel was not always known as the hedge manager he is today, however, while earning his degree at Harvard University he started a hedge fund. This first hedge fund would be his breakout success showing his talent before officially joining the field. Kenneth Griffin’s success was not that of just being able to make money in the market while still in college, he was also responsible for the strategy to protect his funds investments during the stock market crash that happened in 1987.

In 1989 Kenneth graduated from Harvard with a degree in economics. After graduation Kenneth had a chance to invest $1 million provided by Frank C. Meyer, Meyer is an investor and founder at Glenwood Capital LLC. This gave Kenneth Griffin the chance to once again show his ability to read and understand the market, affording a profitable return on the original investments.

With the money made from past investments Kenneth set out to found his own company known as Citadel in 1990. Citadel blew past expectations by having over $1 billion in investment capital within only 8 years; this period also saw the company expanding to over 100 employees.

Today Citadel is still considered one of the top financial service business and has won various awards for not only their performance in their field, but also in their work place environment which saw Citadel take home the Top 10 Great Workplaces in Financial services in 2015. Kenneth Griffin frequently aims to create an environment which aims to encourage teamwork and creativity to help create unique ideas within the company.

Kenneth has continued to show how he believes employees should be rewarded for hard work by implementing multiple employee perks which includes; free lunch, museum tours and a fitness program. This sentiment goes further than just his employees by pushing for better regulations aimed at making a more fair equity market in America.

While politics and regulations is not usually considered an interesting topic Kenneth continues to try to bring change that would offer better stability in the market. Investing is all about taking risks, however, risks should be mitigated.

With Kenneth Griffins success he has been afforded the change to help others by donating $150 million to Harvard for scholarships. This and his donation to help Children’s Memorial Hospital, while also funding University of Chicago’s Early Childhood Center. Kenneth and his wife, Anne Griffin, believe in helping young minds achieve their goals.

Kenneth Griffin is likely to continue to push for better regulations and offering insights from his many years in the financial markets field. His continued success in business is unlikely to slow, and his continued help in various communities is going to continue.

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