Klopp Moving On

Following the news on Wednesday about Juergen Klopp’s departure from Borussia Dortmund at the end of the season, there was the inevitable emotional reaction from fans and non-fans alike. What Klopp managed to achieve during his spell at the club was remarkable: two league titles, a Pokal cup, and a Champions League final appearance. His overwhelming charisma has been infectious, leaving football fans not only impressed with his team’s displays on the field, but with Klopp himself both on and off the field.

Blogspot suggested that yet this season appears to be the optimal time for the Dortmund manager to part ways with the club. Dortmund suffered an abysmal period during the first half of the season, falling to the bottom of the table and worrying about a relegation battle. Since the new year, they have climbed out of said rut, and now sit comfortably above the drop zone in tenth place. That Klopp managed to turn the team around since late December leaves his record fairly in tact, and will mean that he will remain a highly coveted manager for top tier clubs. Additionally, Dortmund can truly rebuild this upcoming season, and feel free to reformulate the squad and vision of the club (most likely under the guise of the highly touted Thomas Tuchel).

Though all things must come to an end, this parting of ways is one of mutual benefit, often a rarity in football.

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