Lake Tahoe Community Closer to New Vision

President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Andy Wirth has had a well deserved victory in one of his many efforts to keep the northern Lake Tahoe communities not just thriving, but flourishing. His company which owns both Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts, located in the famous Olympic Valley, has put much time and effort into supporting clean environment plans, increased municipal services and more recently, stopping an effort to incorporate the area. According to an article published in the Reno-Gazette Journal, backers of the incorporation have formally withdrew their petition. Mr. Wirth feels moving the communities into incorporation would have resulted in fiscal disaster.

Presently, the Lake Tahoe area is doing well with a little help from Mother Nature. With early snow storms and cold temperatures, businesses were able to start the season ahead of schedule. That factor in itself is major because the area had faced droughts in past years which put a substantial drain on local tourism dollars. And thanks to the efforts of Mr. Wirth in fighting the incorporation, the area may well have escaped another millstone. California official saw the plan as not being feasible and put a halt to its implementation. Possible negative side effects would have included higher taxes for residents and businesses, along with decreased services. It would also have taken the Olympic Valley area out of the pooled resources of other north shore communities. With the plan being abandoned, Mr. Wirth hopes the area can move on to focus on the issues like transportation and improved snow removal services. It’s time for the Lake Tahoe community to heal and reach a consensus on what concerns are preventing the community from moving into a new vision for the future.

Andy has been in his leadership role at Squaw Valley since 2010. He has since also been appointed as chair of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. In this leadership role of nine other members, Mr. Wirth hopes to enhance travel to and from the region, by pulling on his extensive experience working with various airlines to increase the number of flight into ski resort areas including Utah, Colorado and Canada. When not involved in the running of daily operations at the resorts, Mr. Wirth spends time supporting the Navy Seals Foundation which has been established to help families of fallen warriors. This year he has set up a fundraising site to raise awareness and funding for this much needed organization. Giving his tireless efforts to support the community he loves and being involved in helping those that find themselves in tragic circumstances are just some of the ideals that keep Andy Wirth moving his beloved community to a new vision.

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