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Recently, Oncotarget reviewed the various oxidation pathway elements that take part in the development of cancer. provided an informative abstract detailing the items that contribute to the growth of cancerous cells causing cancer ailments. They stated that oxidative stress is due to the reactive nitrogen species not balancing with the reactive oxygen species commonly known as (ROS). In the previous decades, Oncotarget’s extensive study indicated that cancer could easily be initiated and formed due to oxidative stress. Not only does oxidation stress begin the development of cancer but also leads to the damage of molecular tissues as well as reduction-oxidation disruption. According to their search on the ISI Science Web, Oncotarget found three categories of listed pathways that contribute to cancer formation and what Oncotarget knows.

Oncotarget’s popularity is attached to Mikhail Blagosklonny, cancer, and aging scientist. Previously, Mikhail served at the Cancer Institute at Roswell Park as its oncology professor. Additionally, Mikhail’s expertise at Oncotarget is attributed to his educational and career experience. He attended the University of St. Petersburg, the medical branch where he attained his cardiology and experimental medicine Ph.D. He then served as an associate medical professor at the New York Medical Institution for several years before joining Oncotarget. His research interests are fascinating as they are directed towards cancer disease. Additionally, Mikhail Blogosklonny focuses his research on specific cancer therapies that engage in the protection of healthy cells from any damage as well as aging mechanisms in biogerontology and more information click here.

Mikhail’s editorial operations rotate around various companies including Oncotarget. Its weekly reviews are based on different research aspects detailing oncology information. Oncotarget was founded in 2010 and is published and supported by Impact Journals. Also, its indexing is performed by prestigious groups including BIOSIS Previews, Science Citation Index Expanded and Index Medicus. Oncotarget’s impact has overtime been rated by the Journal Citation Report which indicated that its impact factor as of 2016 was at 5.168. At Oncotarget, quality reviews regarding cancer augmentation and initiation are provided. Its success is tied to Mikhail, Oncotarget’s chief-editor, which ensures that author offers gratuitous references to other latest papers for their readers. Oncotarget’s mission will be realized under the guidance of diligent personnel like Mikhail Blogosklonny and Oncotarget’s lacrosse camp.

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