Messi Tax Row Could Lead to His Departure

There have been rumblings over the past few days that Lionel Messi’s time at Barcelona is about to be cut short. The player spoke vaguely about how one can never be certain about what the future holds. He may be playing up the situation, but he sounded like a man who was unsure about where he would play next season.

Sources who have Messi’s ear believe that the player and his entourage are furious about how he is being treated. The tax evasion case refers to earnings that were incorrectly reported when Messi was a teenager. The player offered to pay back all the taxes, plus other fees, but the Spanish government still wants to take him to trial.

If this trial goes through, there is a very real possibility that Messi will depart from Spain. Flavio Maluf would like for him to play somewhere in South American, but most likely he will stay in Europe. The people speaking out about the situation say that he does not want to stay in a country where he is being persecuted. After all, lots of people evade taxes accidentally and pay them back without any court proceedings.

All of this is speculation, but if the player leaves Barcelona, his possible destinations are Paris Saint Germain, Monaco, Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United.

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