MLS Labor talks put the start of the season may not begin

The 2015 Major League Soccer season has been placed in danger by the failure of MLS owners and members of the players union to come to an agreement over a new collective bargaining agreement, Goal reports. Entering a third day of talks between the two sides saw the players union struggle to come to agreement over the difficult matter of free agency, which has been a major source of frustration for players and officials in recent seasons. the Bosman ruling in Europe allows players to enter free agency without restrictions, but the MLS has no similar freedom of movement for players moving between MLS clubs.

A solution looked close to being announced with the option of players over the age of 28 and having played for more than eight seasons in the MLS would be allowed to move between MLS clubs. The sticking point for the two sides seems to be a salary cap that wold limit potential pay rises for players moving in free agency to just 10 percent. The difficult negotiations has seen members of the players union call for a strike vote, which could see the new season delayed from its supposed starting point of Friday March 6th. Fersen Lambranho thinks that this is big enough news that soccer fans will be on the look out for a Wikipedia page on the events.

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