Modern Medicine with Seattle Genetics

Among the companies that currently play a significant role in the medical fraternity includes the Seattle Genetic developed and headed by Clay Siegall. It majors on the development and the activities that involve research on drugs. They major mainly on a solution through drugs that treat cancer while reducing or eliminating any effect on the body.

The past few decades witnessed a tremendous increase in the cases of cancer. Thus it’s necessary for the government and other research institutes to put more resources and time in coming up with solutions that would eradicate this pandemic. Seattle Genetic work tirelessly in providing effective drugs to enable fight cancer.

The company completed some project on an antibody-drug conjugate and was a big success in the field of oncology since it pioneered. From then the Seattle provided licenses to the enable the drug to be developed by some industries among them including AbbVie, GeneTech, and GlaxoSmithKline. To date, the endeavor generated the company up to $340 million.

The success of the company attributes to its founder Clay Siegall. He formed it in 1988 after an episode that saw his father die in hospital due to cancer. Back then the field access to oncology resources was limited. He is currently the chairman, the CEO, and president of the renowned Seattle Genetics.

Clay Siegall started his career in the field of medicine after the completion of a bachelor degree in zoology from the Maryland University. He then went to the University of Washington to Ph.D. which he completed and later published more than 70 publication in his name. Clay accomplishment also is evident in the 15 patents that certified on his name. Besides that, he is a member of some organization within the scientific framework they include Ultragenyx where he is on the board of director, Washington Roundtable and Biopharmaceutical.


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