Networks To Change the World

In today’s constantly changing world many businesses depend on network technology in distributing services, applications and various transactions for their success. Virtually every industry in existence seems to utilize networks that include the federal and national government, major banks, utility and energy companies, healthcare organizations, schools, a few of the biggest stock exchanges globally and the list goes on. The world has never before seen such a communication instrument that fulfills understanding, information and the sheer progress of individuals.

Depending on the type of data transmission technology needed for tasks, a network has the means to transport signals such as data and/or voice, which in turn transfers over to whom and what is dependent upon the private or public network. Rather than using the hard drive of a computer, cloud computing has also taken off successfully as it functions to access and store various forms of data and Internet programs.

One major company that comprehends what customers require is Juniper Networks. Established in 1996 they dive in to rectify difficult problems that other network technology companies wish to avoid due to lack of knowledge and skill. This company employs the best leaders in fact in 2014 Shaygan Kheradpir became their highly recognized CEO. Part of his duties include speaking at various events, such as a 2014 speech he granted in Las Vegas for Juniper Networks annual RevUp conference, where he expressed his vision for Juniper’s future growth. Kheradpir’s thoughts are that business partnerships are vital since they understand customers and their changing needs. Due to his years spent with Barclay and Verizon (and innovative thinking), he has a wealth of experience that has benefited him at Juniper in making important decisions regarding technology networks that will thrive.

Highly committed, Shaygan Kheradpir studied at Cornell University in which he earned a bachelors degree, masters and Ph.D. which emphasized electrical engineering. Beginning with GTE Labs, he began his brilliant career at their Boston office where he could be found tending to the supervision of network routing and control. While managing its software systems department, he created a revolutionary organization which ultimately was responsible for the monumental creation of the Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control System or TONICS, a network management base that was national for GTE, which implemented a merged infrastructure with switching and interchanging abilities. In 2000 as Bell Atlantic and GTE joined up again in creating Verizon, this technology executive headed to New York to ultimately become Verizon’s chief information officer (CEO).

Just as Shaygan Kheradpir has done in his career by creating teams of individuals to make global information technology changes that help everyone, a networking technology business must make it their goal to do the same to be successful. A company must work towards achieving solutions for their customers, yet enable them to become leaders among their competitors. This type of company must accomplish tasks such as lowering costs of the network, creating services for their customers while providing a positive customer experience.

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