New Products Unveiled by Slyce Search Platform

Slyce is a visual search platform that aids retailers in improving their customer engagement. The technology seamlessly integrates with a retailer’s e-commerce site and then allows customers to search for products with nothing more than a picture. Slyce then provides products from the retailer’s inventory that most clearly match the picture. According to a piece originally published on Yahoo! Finance Slyce was scheduled to showcase several new search products at

Among these products was Slyce’s Universal Scanner. This new technology makes visual search that much easier for users by providing multiple avenues with which to search. Now, in addition to pictures, customers can also search for products via QR codes, bar codes, and even coupons.

Along with the Universal Scanner Slyce has come out with Snap-to-Coupon. This exciting new feature helps out retailers and customers alike by increasing the likelihood a person will actually use their coupons. This technology allows customers to quickly save coupons by taking a picture of them. It then follows up with the customer by alerting them when they are close by a store that they have coupons for. Snap-to-Coupon also helps customers out by reminding them when their coupons get close to their expiration dates.

Slyce Insights is also debuting as the preeminent visual search data analytics platform. This platform provides vital data to the retailers encompassing how customers are searching for their products. With the addition of this new service Slyce hopes to provide information key to improving a customer’s online shopping experience.

Another intriguing product being brought out is an out-of-stock mitigation tool. Although still in beta development this product shows great promise for the retail world. Currently if a consumer is searching for an item and it is unavailable they will quickly move on to a new website to obtain what they are looking for. With this new tool Slyce hopes to curtail the problem by immediately providing close substitutes for the product to customers. This could help to significantly increase sales by providing customers with new options and even giving customers exposure to products that they may never have heard of.

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