Olympic Valley Incorporation Plan Fails To Go Through

California’s Local Agency Formation Commission decided to call off a case by a group of pro-incorporation backers from Olympic Valley to incorporate Olympic Valley with the Northern iconic winter sports terrain. They told the group that the plan was not viable even in matters of the finances needed. The backers, however, were arguing that the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLP Mr. Andy Wirth had some hidden interests that he was protecting, and that is why he spent thousands of dollars opposing the incorporation plan; that he did not want the local residents who are the future town council to make decisions on land use. However, Wirth defended himself pointing out that the pro-incorporation backers too spent thousands of dollars to make the proposal pass.

From an article published in the Reno Gazette-Journal, Wirth encouraged the residents to see the divisive fight as a process of healing for all in the Olympic Valley. He asked the community to work for an improvement in the transport services of Olympic Valley. Olympic Valley has been having the challenge of drought in the area for over four years but this time round, the temperatures are good since winter came weeks earlier. Their businesses will now improve, and there will be more tourists in the region. Wirth saw the pro-incorporation plan as a recipe for fiscal disaster in Olympic Valley. Taxes for residents and their businesses would have gone up and any person running a business even a wine business would have had it rough.

Wirth opposed the plan to save the future of Olympic Valley and for its development. He has a good plan for the area to develop like starting investments in real estate and building of commercial plots. He is also for the plowing of snow to enhance the safety of the area for its residents. Back then, Wirth had a serious injury that was considered fatal while skydiving in Olympic Valley .the injury took too long to heal but Wirth from the experience now runs a team that raises money to help Navy Seals in their rescue missions and for their family welfare once they return home.

Wirth has experience with airlines as he worked there for a long time. Also, he is holding a senior position with the airport authorities. Back then his duty was to manage airlines and connect them to tourist resorts in North America. His experience will be of good use to all resorts in Olympic Valley since he will help create airlines connecting the resorts to the airport in addition to developing the road system. The area will be easy to reach for many tourists. Wirth is also constructing a base to base gondola connecting Alpine Meadows with Squaw Valley. The two cultures merging will also be a form of tourist attraction in the area. His development plans prove that he had no hidden interest opposing the pro-incorporation plan.

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