Omar Yunes Shares What Means to Win the Best Franchisee of the World Award

Definitely not every entrepreneur has the chance of receiving the “Best Franchise of the world” (BFW) award, which rewards businesspeople who have achieved ultimate success with their brands in just a few years in the market.
On Dec. 5, 2015, was announced the 5th winner of the prize that is extremely renowned in the whole world.
The nomination took place in Florence, Italy, and the spot was given to the entrepreneur and owner of a Japanese food network Omar Yunes, who has been skyrocketing into the Japanese food market of Mexico for the year of 2015.
With thirteen franchises spread across Mexico, the act of franchising has become an essential step to a good company to make a lot of influence in the national market, as it is a great way of spreading your roots through win-win business situations.
According to the entrepreneur Yunes himself, franchising has allowed him to increase the influence of Sushi Itto, and the quality of the attendance as well, which in return brought more interested franchisees to Omar Yunes’ chain of restaurants.
The prize had a lot of competition for the first place of the Best Franchisee in the world, but the rate in which Omar Yunes’ Sushi Itto grew allowed him to win the competition and receive the important place of one of the most influential businesspeople in Mexico nowadays.
Omar Yunes stated that he is highly honored by receiving the distinguished award of BFW, as it is a clear sign of the extreme dedication that his team has put into developing the brand. Benjamin Cancelmo, the CEO of Sushi Itto, added that the prize shows their focus on delivering a service of quality and excellence, and their Japanese food has been regarded many times as one of the best in the local market of Mexico.
Controlling a national industry is not an easy task, and there are, more than ever, more businesspeople interested in continuing the brand of Omar Yunes through franchising across more cities in Mexico.
The global event also had other seats in the top five best franchisees in the world, with Luis Henrique Silva, owner of “Tropico” resting in the second place, and the owners of Diego, Takács József and the co-founder Gábor Vasvári, resting in the third place.

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