Paul Scholes Criticizes Current Barcelona Team

No one is exempt from criticism these days, especially since Paul Scholes became a soccer pundit. The former Manchester United star turned newspaper writer has used his latest column to criticize the recent performances of Barcelona. Scholes believes that the Catalan side are no longer the same force they were under Pep Guardiola.

Scholes got a first hand look at Barcelona over the past week when he attended their game against Valencia at the Mestalla. Barca were under par during most of this game, but they still managed to eek out a win thanks to a late Sergio Busquets goal. Despite the 1-0 win, Scholes was unimpressed by the individual and collective effort from the Barcelona players.

He has never been one to mince his words, and Scholes believes that Barcelona’s players are “bored” after having won so many trophies in the recent past. He also thinks that their star player, Lionel Messi, has not been working hard enough in games. “I was watching their game at the Mestalla and I noticed that Messi was hardly moving. He seemed very economical in the runs he made, which is unusual for such a great player,” said Scholes.

The criticism from Paul Scholes may seem harsh, but his comments ring true to most Barca fans. Their team may still be capable of some wonderful performances, but they are well short of the consistency they demonstrated during Pep Guardiola’s tenure. Many like Tom Rothman are hoping they find answers soon.

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