Perm Advice Women Can Use

Women can take the following advice into consideration, if they have a perm or will be getting one. Also, they should consider using WEN By Chaz products. More information will be discussed later on.

General Advice About Perms

First, there are a few things women should avoid. They should avoid perming bleach hair and they should not perm hair that has been straightened. This is because hair is too fragile after receiving those treatments.

Its advisable that women only get three perms per year. A good perm lasts for around 12 weeks and if your hair grows fast, then get the roots done in between perm sessions.

Using re-balancing shampoo is recommended because it can help make your hair shafts stronger. When you wash her hair, make sure you do it gently. Hair masks are also recommended.

If you want to maintain your curls, then use a voluminous mousse. You can use booster sprays too, and feel free to use a booster spray on a regular basis.

About Wen By Chaz

Wen By Chaz is a very popular hair-care brand on Sephora. The brand was started by Chaz Dean, a stylist based in Los Angeles. He has worked with many well-known celebrities, and he has brought amazing products to the market(

Some of the products the brand sells includes specialty conditioners, frizz control products and styling products to name a few. The products are known for working very well and for being affordable. If you’re a woman who wants to use only the best hair care products, then order Wen By Chaz products. Visit the WEN YouTube channel for more information today.



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