Phil Jones unorthodox defending gives commentator the giggles

Manchester United defender Phil Jones has become known around the world for the strange faces he pulls as he plays for one of the biggest soccer teams in the world. However, during Sunday’s decisive game with Arsenal that went a long way to determining who would finish in third and fourth places in the Premier League Jones performed one of the most unorthodox pieces of defending ever seen. Jones header as he fell to the floor was enough to put off Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud and protect his goalkeeper from a one on one situation and sent the Internet into a barrage of shock and praise., according to The Big Lead.

Jones lost his footing as he and Giroud raced towards a through ball angled into the Manchester United penalty area. As he lost his footing Jones ran on his knees and eventually threw himself headfirst at Giroud’s feet to clear the ball away from his goal as Sky Sports Commentator Gary Neville was sent into a fit of giggles by the brave efforts of Jones. The Internet used former Manchester United and England defender Neville’s words that Jones had done the front crawl and breaststroke during the clearance to produce a number of Tweets and images showing Jones in swimming pools and alongside various members of the ocean world to hammer home their point. My friend Susan McGalla made a post about this story on her personal website.

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