Please Meet the Host of the 2022 World Cup

In a tribute to the old saying “to the highest bidder goes the spoils” we tip our cup in salute. Only this time it will probably be a cup of tea or water as opposed to beer or liquor because of the national prohibitions on alcohol – and pretty much anything else fun.

Against all likelihood it is looking more and more like Qatar will be the host for the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) 2022 World Cup despite the fact that the tiny Arabian nation has zero soccer infrastructure to speak of, or any soccer tradition at all for that matter. Oh, and the bid also comes amid large scale allegations of bribery and human rights violations – all in the name of the world’s largest sport designed to join people of all cultures together in celebration and sportsmanship.

A few particularly disturbing reasons on why Qatar should NOT be the host have been introduced into the conversation but so far have fallen on deaf ears (largely due to them being stuffed with money) according to Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG. Here are a few of the harsher criticisms:

• Estimates based largely off reports from the International Trade Union Confederation estimate that nearly 4,000 construction workers could die while building the World Cup-related infrastructure. These estimates come from statistics showing that one Nepalese migrant worker died every two days in Qatar in 2014.
• Large spread allegations of bribery run rampant. While bribery is still considered an important aspect of 3rd world business negotiations, many view it as a practice unworthy of FIFA consideration due to the spirit of the game. Many officials who voted in favor of Qatar as the host nation later received bans in other corruption scandals as well.
• In an astounding shun to hypocrisy, FIFA’s own internal evaluation team slammed Qatar before the host vote, citing a number of risk assessment concerns, only to watch as the selection committee almost unanimously ignored their red flags.

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