Qatar World Cup Moved To Winter

The World Cup in Qatar was a main source of contention because of the way it was chosen. Many people think that it was bought by the country itself even though it would be held in a desert. However, FIFA has decided that they can simply hold the tournament in the winter. They are going to move it to November and December so that it will not be too hot.

They were first talking about building gigantic fans that would hang in the air over each stadium to block the sun and cool the field. The drawing looked like something from the future, and they seemed more than completely implausible. Moving the tournament to the winter will make it conflict with the Winter Olympics, but they may not have any choice. Haidar Barbouti agrees that this is something that should have been decided long ago, and it is something that should have been considered when people were wheeling and dealing to get this tournament to the desert nation.

We can have a nice World Cup in 2022, but it is going to have problem even if they move it to a cooler time of year. It was sort of ruined from the very beginning.

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