Retired Igor Cornelsen Shares his Wealth of Investment Knowledge with the World

Igor Cornelsen is a highly experienced banker and financial investor. He has worked in the Brazilian banking industry for many years. At the peak of his illustrious career, he held various executive positions at several top banking institutions in the couantry. Although Cornelsen is retired from active employment, he still consults in the field and writes many articles concerning the banking sector in Brazil.

Today, Igor Cornelsen lives in South Florida, US, with his family. He spends most of his free time golfing in various top golf courses in the United States as well as abroad. However, the avid golfer is still involved in investment activity as a hobby. He often consults with both institutional and private clients.

Investment Activity at Bainbridge Inc.

Cornelsen according to bizjournals works as the main proprietor of Bainbridge Inc. He is in charge of the company’s investment activity in the capital and financial markets. While working as a banker in Brazil, Cornelsen was at the heart of financial and capital investment. He gained firsthand experience in various investment opportunities and strategies in the stock markets. This has allowed him to take part in various successful investments personally as well as consulting with clients.

Stress on Long Term Investments

Throughout his career according to newsvine, Cornelsen has always stressed on the importance of long term investments in the stock markets as opposed to making quick short term returns. According to him, investors stand to gain more when they focus and plough back their returns into the stock market. Cornelsen has reiterated this message in many of his works and postings on social media platforms like Tumbler. His work and advice has also been published in many major publications around the world.

Although people want to make more money quick, Cornelsen insists that investing in passive income has more returns in the long run. He states that some of the benefits for investing in passive income include no direct involvement in the investment. This allows the investor to focus their time and energy in other income generating activities. Other benefits include continuous flow of income and the use of minimal resources that appreciate over time.

Advice on Investing in the Stock Market

Cornelsen advises clients and the public to pick their stocks in the stock market wisely. He cautions against investing in damaged companies because such stock offers no returns in the end. It will only depreciate because the company is not doing well. He however encourages people to choose damaged stock because they will be able to buy it cheap when prices are low. The stock price will eventually rise. This guarantees the investor good returns with a bigger pay off if they decide to hold it in the long run.

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