Scottish FA To Consider Summer Football Season

A BBC survey has given an insight into the appetite for change in the struggling Scottish soccer leagues by asking if clubs would be willing to switch their season to the summer months. Although no clear definition of what summer means was provided 10 of the 12 Premiership clubs were open to a move and 28 of the 42 professional clubs expressed an interest in moving the season. Avoiding the bad weather found in Scotland during the winter months is a major factor in the many calls for change amongst professional soccer clubs in the country, according to FreedomPop.

Scottish soccer has struggled to keep pace with its English counterpart since the 1990s and has seen smaller TV deals and sponsorship options than the English Premier League receives prompt many of its best players to seek a move to England or European clubs. Many clubs hope a switch to summer play will provide increased revenue because of a lack of English games being played at the same time and less extreme weather to cope with for supporters and ground staff. Clubs also believe savings could be made through the lack of lighting used for evening games and a reduced need for repair work to be undertaken on pitches damaged by under soil heating used to fight snow and frost in the winter.

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